Avengers: Age of Ultron – The Alternate Ending May Have Been a Treat to Watch

The second movie in the Avengers franchise was something! Age of Ultron is surely one of the biggest movies at the Box Office. There is no doubt that it is the weakest among the three Avengers movies and the results at the Box office do prove exactly that. The opinion of the fans was divided upon this movie as not everyone in the world loves it as they love the first or the third Avengers movies, but Avengers: Age of Ultron was surely not a bad movie.

The plot of the first Avengers movie was commendable and what Joss Whedon did with the first movie was one of a kind. It was the first time ever that a Superhero team up movie got such a huge recognition from the fans and the critics alike. It took the entire movie industry by storm, doing something which no other Superhero movie had ever done. After this insane success, it was obvious that Marvel was going to Joss Whedon another go at the Avengers.

After the first movie created an insane hype, the second movie earned the big bucks at the Box Office riding upon that hype and excitement even though the movie did not live up to the expectations of the first movie. The level of the plot deteriorated but it was surely much more action packed so there’s that! The villain of the movie, Ultron was another figure of division among fans.

James Spader did a great job voicing the homicidal murder Bot, but still, not all fans exactly love Ultron as he was portrayed. Marvel added a funny flavor to the villain which was not accepted by everyone. His motivations did feel a little over the edge, throwing a meteorite to start fresh, looking at the extinct creatures like Dinosaurs. Still, he was not a bad villain. It was just that the plot of the movie was a little rushed and needed more time to live up to the title – “Age of Ultron”.

But the movie was successful as setting up an entire Phase 3. It set up Thor: Ragnarok introduced 3 more Superheroes with ease and delivered some totally bad ass action sequences that “we didn’t see coming”. It did something which the previous Avengers movie did not have time to do, which was introducing the real Hawkeye.

It also gave us the first death of a Superhero in the MCU as we saw Quicksilver die saving a child and Hawkeye against Ultron’s attack. There was an alternate ending where we would have seen Quicksilver survive due to his faster metabolism and quick healing ability but that did not happen. Whedon actually shot a scene where Quicksilver would also be a part of the new Avengers at the very end of the movie, arriving at the Avengers facility in a totally new suit along with Vision, Falcon, War Machine and Scarlet Witch.

But there was another alternate ending which did not actually move past the planning stage. Towards the very end, we would have seen the Avengers actually fight a giant Ultron bot which would have been made up of the smaller human sized robots that we actually got to see. As amazing and destructive as it would have been visually, we are glad that we did not actually get to see that.

Fighting a giant robot would have been menacing, but it may have taken away screen time from the likes of Hawkeye, Black Widow and even Captain America because let’s be honest, a Giant Robot would certainly kill the two humans at least and they would not have much to offer against the big bot. Hawkeye and Black Widow could not have done much of a damage if that would have happened.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Alternate Ending May Have Been a Treat to Watch

So it is good that the heroes fought multiple robots of their own size instead of a gigantic Ultron. What they could have done was that they actually could have added a scene like that, having a sequence for 4-5 minutes and not more than that. This scene could have worked if it was added into the theatrical cut, but it would surely not have worked if the entire final battle was just fighting a giant robot!  

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