8 Marvel and DC Supervillains Who Became Good Guys

Not all villains are bad, what we mean is sure they do bad stuff, but not all have bad intentions or had bad intentions. There are times when even the darkest corners of supervillains receive the light. Here are eight supervillains who for once went to the side of light in their lives:

Superior Spider-Man

Marvel and DC Supervillains Who Became Good Guys
Marvel and DC Supervillains Who Became Good Guys

Doctor Octopus while ill and dying transferred his mind into the body of a healthy Peter Parker and his mind into his own body. While doing so, not only did he inherit all the spider powers inside Peter’s body but also all his memories and his pain & suffering. because of this not only did he become the Spider-Man but the Superior Spider-Man. He went on to do even better than Spidey as he was ruthless and greatly tech. advanced.

Black Adam

Black Adam joined the Justice Society of America. And this happened even after him being a rival of Captain Marvel, the JSA Captain. He did so, in order to have an attempt at redemption which even the team accepted willingly.

Infamous Iron Man

Doctor Doom became the Infamous Iron Man, in the series of the same name. This is when Tony isn’t there, not fully at least and there is a need for a new superhero. He takes the mantle on himself and this change of heart of him is not just limited to this. He even became way more humble.

Mongul 2- The Teacher

No One can even expect the son of the infamous Mongol to be a good guy. Even so, this one is purely based on a Rocky storyline, Mongul 2 sees that Imperiex is going to attack, to check whether Supes is up to the mark, he fights him and trains him, playing Creed here. He then is killed by Imperiex, enraging Superman to beat the seemingly unbeatable villain.

Protector Venom

Marvel and DC Supervillains Who Became Good Guys

Venom sure is the arch nemesis of Spider-man for some time. But nope, he’s not a villain anymore. Eddie Brock has had his share of redemption, not only does he have his own miniseries playing the good guy catching thieves and all, but also does he help defeat the evil Carnage. That’s a mouthful, guys!!

Captain ‘Not So’ Cold

Who would have ever thought that even one of the Rogues could turn into a superhero? He got his spot at the Justice League of America as in the storyline, ‘The Blackest Night’ he fights off the Black Lanterns and saves Flash’s life, also he fought the Crime Syndicate when the infamous group was trying to take over the Earth.

Black Widow: Origin


Natasha Romanoff aka Natasha Romanova/Black Widow first appeared as an antagonist in the comics. She is a Russian, who was raised by the Department X program for orphan girls, turning into becoming trained spies. Natasha is trained in the red room, enhanced physically and psychologically and is brainwashed. It took her years to get out of her psychological trauma. But later she becomes a part of the Avengers. Presently she’s again on the bad side.

Emma Frost

Marvel and DC Supervillains Who Became Good Guys

She is first seen as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club in the X-Men series ‘The Dark Phoenix’ where they try to take control of Jean, the plan backfires greatly though. Later she is rescued by the X-Men and eventually joins. She probably has a longer romantic relationship with Cyclops than even Jean Grey.

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