Legion Vs Thanos: Can The Mad Titan Overcome The Might of Legion

The Titans rule our universe. For they possess such power that their actions are sometimes incomprehensible to the normal average human beings. They are known as Titans for a reason, their powers are beyond compare and their actions, often without mercy. Although Legion or the son of Charles Xavier is the mutant with abundant powers he is still going up against Thanos, the alien being with nigh unlimited might and strength. The only being in the universe that can wield all the Infinity stones vs the mutant who houses a universe within him. Let’s see who wins.


When you said the child of Charles Xavier, no one ever thought of someone like Legion. Before he was our beloved professor X, Charles Xavier’s was a scientist and a doctor first and foremost. It was during the aftermath of World War 2 that Charles Xavier was serving in an Israeli psychiatric facility. It was here that the good professor came into contact with Gabrielle Haller. Haller was one of his patients and slowly but surely the two ended up having an affair. David Charles Haller (Legion) was a product of this affair. Professor X was not aware of this since Gabrielle never told him but David is the son of the man with the most powerful brain, that thing is for sure.

Now when David was a little child, he was caught in the midst of a terrorist attack, although David was not harmed he was the sole survivor of the incident. The reason why only David survived is that this incident caused him to manifest his mutant powers using which he wiped out the brain of all the terrorists in his immediate vicinity and absorbed their leader’s personality into his own mind. This incident left David catatonic and splintered his personality to the point that he now suffered from a dissociative personality disorder, where each of his personalities controls one aspect of his many psionic powers.

Legion is considered an Omega level mutant, to the extent that some of his personalities have manifested reality breaking powers. David has a personality deep within that known simply as Moira; this personality of David can alter reality at will. It is also prudent to mention that once Legion’s true persona was pulled out using Magik’s soulsword, this True Legion blinked the Elder Gods out of existence. The Elder Gods are beyond even the powers of Infinity stones and can only be rivaled by something like the living counsel or the entity simply known as Eternity.

Legion VS Thanos

To blink even reality warpers out of existence is something only someone like Legion can do. There’s also the fact that Legion is hardly ever in control of all of his powers. The man is capable of so much yet can do so little at times because his personality seems splintered beyond repair. The primary personality whom the audiences were introduced to (Karmal) turned out to be the mind of the terrorist David had absorbed. How’s that for irony?


The tyrant of the dark quadrant and the creature wildly renowned throughout the universe as the Mad Titan is, in fact, a hybrid born of the Eternals. The Eternals were a race created by the primary creatures of the Marvel comic-verse known only as the Celestials. These Celestials include beings we are already familiar with including the grandmaster and the collector. You see, the Celestials were the creators of all life in the Marvel comic-verse, or so the writers have led us to believe. Although these beings of supreme power populated the universe with complex life, along the way they also realized that they had somewhat disturbed the balance of the universe in doing so. Hence, to correct their mistakes the Celestials took to experimentation on the life they had so created, to judge it worthy enough to let it perpetuate itself or not. Hence, the segregation of the humans into three categories by the Celestials.

The first were the beings who were a distorted image of the human life, a subterranean species that would become the source of rumors of trolls and monsters in the modern era. The second was the normal humans themselves that populated the planet earth. And lastly, the second variation of the human species was near perfect genetic beings known only as the Eternals. The Eternals were blessed with perfect genetic structure giving them perfect physical and mental attributes and longevity.

These Eternals did not wish to occupy the same planet as with this of their primitive “ancestors” so they decided to leave the planet earth and occupied a moon of Saturn now named Titan. It was here that a child was born to the Eternals, a child with purple skin who would take up the name of the Greek God of death Thanatos. This child grew up to be Thanos. His strength unrivaled and his intellect to match even the greatest of tacticians Thanos assumed command of not only Titan but entirely of the dark quadrant, ruling with an iron fist. This Titan was not all brawn, he had love in him too. But this is Thanos we are talking about, so the object of his love can’t be as simple as a female.

No sir, the entity Thanos fell in love with was Lady Death herself, or rather the personification of death. Lady death convinced her estranged and powerful lover that the universe was out of balance and the balance of life needed to be restored to the universe, the only way to do so was by wiping out half the life in all of existence and only this act would win Thanos Death’s favor.

This is what instigated the Mad titan’s hunt for the Infinity stones and his pursue of absolute strength and tyranny.

Death Battle

The tyrant is known for his immortality and the biggest problem with David is that he can hardly control his own powers. His Omega level reality breaking potential and the deep seeded mental issues mean that David is too caught up in trying to control his own personality and powers that he never actually thinks about doing serious battle. On the other hand, Thanos is a creature who has a genius level intellect and the man has taken down whole civilizations on a whim. This creature is considered to be one of the greatest threats the universe has ever faced. And if you add the power of Infinity Gauntlet that the Titan likes to dawn time and again, the power and threat levels go through the roof. So who wins in a fight David or Thanos?

You see, the answer is not that simple, it’s quite prudent to note that David could demolish the existence of Thanos (with or without the Gauntlet) any time he felt like it. The only condition being that David needs to be in a working condition. The man hardly ever operates at full capacity and that is perhaps the only saving grace that Thanos has, considering that David can blink anyone out of existence anytime he feels like.

But you see death battles are rarely about which character is the strongest. There are other factors here that we must consider, one such factor is that David, in character, would never go full power and try to erase Thanos (unless Moira takes over in the midst of battle). The second factor is that Thanos, in character, would account for David’s abnormalities and take him down like he has taken down so many Gods before. The battle really depends on how much freedom you want to give David. If you ask me, I’d say it’s ill-advised to go against a man with the power of changing reality but I’m just one lowly writer and I don’t even write the source material.

This fight could go either way with odds leaning in the favor of our mutant, who do you think wins this battle? Let us know in the comments below and for everything marvel, stick around.

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