James Gunn Responds to the Big Galactus in Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg

Guardians of the Galaxy has been the most important franchise in really setting up the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it is right now. It would not have been possible to set a movie like Infinity War if it was not for this baby of James Gunn making a big impact in the MCU exploring the cosmic side after the majority of MCU movies focused only on Midgard.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The first movie which really set up the franchise was actually the best of the three times the Guardians have appeared till now, and that was where Gunn and the team of outlaws established themselves as franchise holders. It was full of Easter Eggs and references that you would not have seen anywhere else in the MCU. The Collector’s vault, in particular, was a goldmine for finding these little Eggs that James Gunn successfully hid in there.

The movie had so many revelations to make and all those were incorporated successfully. Even though there were a whole lot of Easter Eggs that have been spotted by the fans and various websites, Gunn still claims that there is one of those which still remains hidden as people have not been able to spot that one. 

Well, a new Theory came into light which suggests that this Easter Egg will finally end up setting up the origin story of Galactus. Yes we know that Galactus is owned by Fox, but the merger between Disney and Fox is more or less inevitable, which means after next year, Marvel could be planning to set up Galactus as the next big bad after Thanos very easily if everything goes right.

In the movie where the Collector was explaining the Guardians about all the Infinity Stones within the Universe, we got to see an unknown Celestial with a large staff who had the power stone studded upon it. He wipes out an entire civilization on a planet with just one little strike of his staff and what we see is just one survivor on the entire planet as you can see on the left of this image given below:

YouTuber Second Son has come up with a new theory relating this to be an origin story of the cosmic destroyer Galactus. If you look at the face of this alien individual with the Humanoid face, it seems to resemble a random frame from a comic book which is no ordinary one as it marked the origin for Galactus.

In the comics, an alien called the Galen of Taa was the sole survivor of a dying Universe and right before the end, Galen was called out by the voice of the ‘Sentience of the Universe’ (literally the embodiment of the universe) having a predefined plan.

The two formed a pair and were born into the new reality in the form of a Cosmic Egg which hatched, giving birth to the new cosmic destroyer Galactus. Also, if you look at the staff with which an alien race was annihilated, it was similar to the helmet that Galactus usually wears. So we could potentially be seeing an altered origin story of Galactus using the Infinity Stones within the MCU.

Guardians of the Galaxy

But as James Gunn has always been a director who is pretty interactive with his fans has now replied to this theory, and for the fans who were believing this to be true, there is bad news. Here’s what he tweeted:

“Getting lots of messages about Galactus in the Collector scenes. No, he’s not there in any way.”

Well, it was always unlikely to see a major Fox property set up in an MCU movie like this, but for the fans who really want Galactus to come in and be done justice with can still vouch for that as the upcoming Disney Fox merger could easily set that up. MCU would surely need a big villain to step in after Thanos is done, and Galactus is exactly that big bad.

Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn Galactus
Guardians of the Galaxy

On the part of the Easter Egg, it is about time that Mr Gunn himself reveals it because we may actually be done trying to spot that. The Guardians will next appear in Avengers 4 and Vol. 3 in the coming two years.

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