10 Black Superheroes with Incredible Electricity Manipulation Superpowers

Some have super strength while some have super speed. Some can fly while some can swim. There are tons of superheroes with tons of superpowers, each distinctly unique and extremely awesome. But there is something about a superhero that can literally mold lightning to his will. In both DC and Marvel, the power to manipulate electricity is the age-old ability and has been put to good use in the fictional comic book universes. But only a chosen few managed to become popular. And even a select few amongst them are actually African American. Presenting 10 Black Superheroes with incredible Electricity Manipulation Superpowers!!!!

 1. Black Lightning

Black Superheores electricity manipulation superpowers

One of the first major African American Superheroes, Black Lightning eventually set the trend for Black Superheroes in comic book fiction. Black Lightning’s powers originally stemmed from a belt but that origin story has been scrapped. Black Lightning is a hundred percent metahuman who can control lightning and electricity for a variety of effects. Black Lightning also has a TV Show to his name airing on The CW.

 2. Static Shock

Black Superheroes

Static Shock was to DC what Peter Parker was to Marvel. Static Shock was a product of DC Comics Subsidiary called Milestone Comics. His popularity soon soared and he officially became a part of the DC Universe. Static Shock used to be an ordinary kid until he was doused with radioactive chemicals that allowed him to generate electricity from his body. His witty replies and sense of humor are an added bonus.

 3. Black Vulcan

Black Vulcan was created to replace Black Lightning for the Super Friends TV Show. Black Lightning couldn’t be a part of it since there was a rights dispute with Black Lightning’s creator Tony Isabella. Black Vulcan’s powers were similar to Black Lightning. The only difference was that the guy could use his lightning bolts to wrap his opponents in a net of living electricity as well.

 4. Soul Power

Soul Power is not actually a comic book superhero. His origins lie in the animated segment. In Static Shock the Animated Series, Static visits an old age home. The home is where an aged superhero called Soul Power lives. His powers are pretty similar to Static. The only difference is that Soul Power had a way more groovy victory dance.

 5. Juice

Juice is a part of the Justice League animated series. As part of Project Cadmus, Juice was one in a series of metahumans created to take down the Justice League when the time was right. Juice has an incredible command of his own bodily generated electricity. He once took down a camera within a room with a slug created from electricity all the while making it look like he sitting and chilling on the sofa.

 6. Lightning

Black Superheroes

Black Lightning had two daughters who also had superpowers, inherited from their daddy dearest. While Thunder possessed traditional superhuman physical attributes, Lightning’s powers were the same as that of her father. She could control electricity like Black Lightning. She could also turn her body into a mass of living lightning energy.

 7. Storm

 Ororo Munroe is originally from the continent of Africa. Since she was a mutant, she had possessed superhuman abilities ever since she hit puberty. Her powers are weather manipulation. It was what turned Ororo into a literal Goddess. The people of the barren land of Ororo would pray to her for rainfall. But Ororo’s true knack lay in creating Thunderstorms and using the lightning thus generated in combat.

 8. Miles Morales

 Miles Morales is the second Official Spiderman of the Marvel Universe. After gaining powers in pretty much a similar fashion as Peter Parker, Miles goes on to become the friendly neighborhood web-slinger of his own locality. Miles Morales has all of Peter Parker’s powers and some of his own. One of those unique abilities includes the ‘Venom Strike’ – an ability to stun his enemies with a supercharged electric stun.

 9. Volt

Black Superheroes

 Volt is a superhero hailing from a now obscure comic book publication called Boom Comics. Volt has gone toe to toe with many super villains in the past and is part of Boom Comics premiere superhero team modeled in the lines of the Avengers and the Justice League. Volt has been heard saying many times that he is the ‘stereotypical black man with electric powers.’ Maybe he is and maybe that is the fun of it.

 10. Thunder-Fall

10 Black Superheroes with Incredible Electricity Manipulation Superpowers

 Thunder Fall is a part of a group of African American Superheroes who led a revolution to overthrow the corrupt government in power in the country of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thunder Fall is a prime time DC Property and it was just once that we saw him in action. Thunder Fall, who had retired to become a teacher after the revolution, was killed by his former colleague Massacre. The fact that the guy preferred to become a teacher rather than a superhero shows just how amazing this guy was.

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