R-Rated Movies Will Not Be A Part of Disney Streaming Service

Disney is the biggest brand currently existing in Hollywood as they own the biggest money-making franchises. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Star Wars Franchise, Pixar Animations and many other Fairy Tale Story Franchises are all a part of Disney and all these have been vastly successful making Billions of Dollars for this company. As Disney has now grown so big that they stay way ahead of their competition, they keep entering new areas where they could establish themselves and become successful. So, the top people at Disney are planning to launch Disney Streaming Service soon.

As we all know that Disney has announced that they will, in fact, be buying 20th Century Fox and own all their film assets as well as the streaming services and sports channels they own. The merger would make Disney a huge power in Hollywood. Disney has already made a bid for $52.4 Billion to buy Fox and these deals will go on for the next 12 to 16 months until the acquisition is fully complete. After owning Fox, Disney will own the rights to all the franchises and movies that Fox owns, and some of the big franchises with Fox are X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Deadpool, Alien, Predator, Kung Fu Panda, Rio, Avatar and many more.

If we note, that the movies that Disney makes money on are all family oriented light-hearted movies, and they do not invest in the R-Rated genre. Disney makes Billions of Dollars on their Live Action adaptations of children story books like the Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and they also make a lot of money on animated movies like Frozen, Finding Dory and many more. The Star Wars franchise and the MCU as we all know are currently ruling the box office. But Disney does not invest in any sort of R-Rated movies. Owning Fox would change that.

Fox has rights to a bunch of R-Rated projects and most of them have been successful in the recent times. Whether it is Deadpool, Logan or any other R-rated movie they have attempted, they have found their feet. Coming to Disney, as Bob Iger has mentioned that they will indeed continue to make R-Rated movies like Deadpool and other assets acquired from Fox. But many people have been afraid that if this deal goes through, we are going to have fewer movies made throughout the year, and that might turn out to be true.

Disney, as we know, is looking to launch their own Disney Streaming Service as well. Seeing how well Netflix and Amazon are doing with their streaming services, all the Disney products jotted down to be viewed on their own streaming service might be a good idea. But recently, it has been revealed that Disney will not include any R-Rated movies on that service. So, what would it mean for the movies that Disney would own after acquiring Fox? Would we not be able to see them on that platform?

Disney itself is making R-Rated TV shows which we get to see on Netflix currently. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders and The Punisher are all TV shows that are owned by Disney, and if this statement is true, then it might be possible that all these series may still remain with Netflix. But, how would this be feasible for Disney as they would not be able to do very well if they do not have enough content on their Disney Streaming Service platform? Only Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios and other live actions adaptations that have yet come or will come in the future will be on that platform. This will not be enough to compete with the likes of Netflix that has a big catalog of stuff that they provide for streaming.

People would not want to buy Disney’s services if they do not get a lot of content to choose from. They would not want to leave the likes of Amazon and Netflix that are providing abundant content. So, not including the R-Rated genre of movies that they themselves will be making in the future will not be a great idea for Disney to survive in the streaming platform market. Still, Disney has made their things work many times and they might be successful with this as well. So, let’s hope for the best.

What do you think about their decision of keeping the R-Rated movies out of the Disney Streaming Service? Comment Below.

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