Ant-Man And The Wasp Finally Explains How To Introduce X-Men To The MCU

With the Fox-Disney Merger an almost done deal, it is only a matter of time before the mutant kind finds themselves fighting alongside the Avengers and saving innocent lives in the MCU. Ant-Man and the Wasp was supposed to open up new ways for the remaining of Earth’s mightiest heroes to take down Thanos by virtue of the newly introduced and mysterious Quantum Realm. While that is still a fantasy as of this moment since the movie did not reveal anything to put our curiosity to rest, Ant-Man and the Wasp just might have answered another equally important question for the future of the MCU. Presenting – ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ finally explains how to introduce X-Men to the MCU!!!

The Disney-Fox deal is heading to troubled waters as of this moment. The Mouse House wants to acquire the rights to all of the property and distribution rights of Fox Studios but things are starting to look awry. Legal obstacles, as well as competitive bids proposed from other rival studios, have stalled the merger. But Disney is dead sure that it will gain the rights to Fox and they are already driving the MCU in a direction to ensure they have some way to explain the inclusion of Marvel’s most prized community entering the cinematic Universe – the X-Men.

How do they do that? Ant-Man and the Wasp hold the answer!!!

Spoiler Alert – Major Ant-Man and the Wasp Spoilers up ahead….

At the end of the First Ant-Man movie, Scott Lang finds himself trapped in the Quantum Realm in the movie’s climax. Scoot would then somehow manage to escape that reality and defeat the bad guy. But the story only gets interesting from here. Scoot wasn’t the only one to take a trip to the Quantum Realm.

Years ago, Janet Van Dyne aka the Wasp tried to shrink herself to the subatomic level to stop a missile from exploding. She succeeds in stopping the missile but is forever trapped within the realm. Hank Pym thinks that Janet is lost forever and it is only when Scott manages to escape that Hank believes that Janet too is still alive and somewhere in there.

His suspicions are found to be based on truth when Scott discovers a message that Janet has left behind for Hank to find. She is alive and within the Quantum Realm. Despite Ghost’s best of efforts, Janet I saved and brought back to mainstream reality. And this is the fact that could have the severe impact on the MCU.

When Janet comes back from the realm, she is heard saying how the realm has impacted her as a human being. Whoever is within that realm has to ‘adapt’ accordingly. Their body, heart, and soul changes the more you are exposed to that realm according to Janet. Her exact words are:

“It changes you,” Janet tells Hank. “Adaptation is part of it, but it’s more…evolution.”

The evolution part is where we are trying to focus right now. When Janet came back from the Quantum realm, she had superhuman abilities – a form of quantum telepathy, the ability to supress quantum instability and a wide range of unknown abilities that are yet to be explored. So how does it involve the X-Men?

Remember that Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver were both Mutants but Marvel had to change their origin stories to ensure that they did not infringe on copyright laws. If the Disney-Fox merger did not go through, then Marvel could use the Quantum Realm as an excuse to bring back the X-Men. The words ‘mutants’ will be replaced with something that rhymes better with the Quantum Realm.

Ant-Man And The Wasp Finally Explains How To Introduce X-Men To The MCU

The realm mutated Janet into a superhuman and it can do so for a lot of people if somehow a rip opened up between the Quantum and the Mainstream realm and exposing them to unexplored forms of energy just like Janet Van Dyne was. Marvel has played it intelligently in this one. Even if the Disney-Fox deal goes down the drain, Marvel still can find ways to include the Mutants in the MCU, provided they come up with a good enough origin story that is different to that found in the comic books.

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