5 WTF Superhero Movie Costumes

Well, superhero costume is a primary thing we look that in superhero movies. With all evil and badass looks, superhero costumes are intrinsic to showcase the supernatural powers. With fans painstakingly analyse the suits, this decides the initial review of the films before they release. The iconic look of superheroes goes under several variations to ensure it fascinates the fans. We bring you five top superhero costumes which are all-time favorite.

1. Batman

batman 2

The famous bat suit which causes fear among the Gotham city criminals, but initially the dark knight was going ti have a very different outlook. Co-created Bob Kane brought Bruce Wayne wearing two large wings with the red suit.  Then Bill Finger recreated the design with a full black outfit that viewers are still familiar today.

2. Deadpool


After Fox screwed up Deadpool in X-Men Origins Wolverine. After that, a solo film on Deadpool came out marking a set superhero suit for him. In the movie, Deadpool wears a red and black tactical suit to hide the cancer scars. Well, the costume was designed by his friend, Weasel, who also designed most of his weapons. And I guess no other costume would have worked well in the movie. Well, it paid off handsomely.

3.  Spiderman

Screen Shot 1938-06-01 at 4.03.58 PM

It is one of the most popular costumes of all the time. The filmmakers had a pretty good idea what they stick to and Sam Raimi featured a pretty nice interpretation as in the Amazing Spiderman Reboot. Several designed were considered for the spider man. In the one with more blue color, the spider in the front was barely noticeable and eyes looked robotic. But finally, we get to see something clear and noticeable Spider-Man that currently we see now.

4. Superman Lives


Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, and Henry Cavil played really well in their Superman films. The Man of Steel could have gone to a Bizzaro path if the plan of Superman Lives had ever come out. Nicholas Cage was destined to play the role of superman in the film. Several costumes were tried with one with a superman ’S’ sign smudging into the ripped abs and it was made out of shiny plastic. Yes, we are happy it didn’t become the reality.

5. Falcon


The Marvel character appeared in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Well, his costume had to be upgraded to be more mechanical like the Iron Man. But it still maintains the general appearance of Falcon. Initially, Sam Wilson was going to resemble the costume like a plane. And it more looked like a fighter jet.

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