10 Powerful Super Villains That Could be The Bad Guy In Thor 4

After Taika Watiti decided to helm the Thor franchise, the Thor movies, starring Chris Hemsworth as the titular God of Thunder, became a household phenomenon. The San Diego Comic Con was where Marvel Studios announced the project for another Thor movie titled Thor: Love and Thunder. Thor 4 will be featuring Chris Hemsworth as well as Natalie Portman, who makes a return to the MCU after the second Thor movie, Thor: The Dark World. It has already been revealed that Thor: Love and Thunder will reveal the rise of Jane Foster, who will become the new Thor after she lifts the Mjolnir hammer. But who will be the villain this time? Malekith, Surtur, Hela, Loki – may be good villains but they are no longer viable. The new Thor movie requires a new villain that could live up to the standards of the incredibly famous Thor franchise. Here are our best picks from the lot. Presenting – 10 Powerful Super villains that could be the bad guy in Thor 4!

 1. Mangog

Powerful Super Villains Thor 4

Mangog is the culmination of all the death and destruction Odin has wreaked on the world in all his life time. Mangog is a catastrophe of a cosmic nature. He is literally made out of the hatred of “a billion, billion beings” that hate everything of Asgardian origin. Mangog exists to destroy Asgard and end the reign of Odin and his bloodline. Odin and Thor have always managed to defeat the Mangog but it always takes a toll on them whenever they do it. They have to use their strength and resources up to their last vestiges, if they intend to defeat Mangog. Jane Foster, as Thor, fought and defeated Mangog and saved Asgard by driving the monster into a star.

 2. Amora the Enchantress

Powerful Super Villains Thor 4

Amora is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the whole Marvel Comic Book Universe. It is a shame she has not been introduced into the movies yet. Her unique set of skills make her a perfect addition to the Big Screen productions. Amora uses the powers of the arcane arts as well as her seductive features to enchant men into becoming her slaves. Amora’s ability allows her to make any man fall in love with her and do her bidding. The only man that has ever managed to resists her charms is Thor. And that is why Amora fell in love with him. Amora is obsessed with Thor and will go to extreme lengths to have him by his side. A love-struck obsessive psycho sorcerer makes for a good supervillain.

 3. The World Serpent

Powerful Super Villains Thor 4

In Norse Mythology, the World Serpent is called the Jormungand. The lore tells that the World Serpent or the Midgard Serpent has wrapped himself around the Earth, keeping it in place. The lore also tells of a prophecy – the World Serpent and the God of Thunder are destined to fight each other during Ragnarok and take each other’s lives. While the Midgard Serpent is more of a metaphysical construct in the folklore, it is a physical entity in the comic books. Marvel Tales #105 was where the Jormungand debuted and it has fought Thor many times. There is also the fact that Ragnarok has already happened so Thor could be facing the wrath of the World Serpent next.

 4. Gorr

Powerful Super Villains Thor 4

Gorr makes for a good Thor villain for one primary reason – he was able to do something that no one else before him could even dream of. Gorr convinced Thor that his ideals, the very thing that made Thor worthy, were actually hollow and incomplete. Thor doubted his own worthiness and the hammer dropped. Thor was now unworthy, unable to wield the hammer again. Gorr is called the God Butcher. Using the Necro Blade, the universe’s most ancient weapon, he kills everything that is related to the Gods, whom he considers as illegitimate to their titles and innately unworthy. Gorr is a powerful fighter who has hunted Thor for several eons.

 5. Ulik

Powerful Super Villains Thor 4

Ulik is the greatest warrior amongst the Rock Trolls, a race that lived on Asgard along with the Asgardians. When Thor initiated Ragnarok by summoning Surtur, he also inadvertently caused the destruction of the Rock Trolls’ homeworld. Ulik is the ultimate brute. Rock Trolls are known to be very powerful beings. Ulik is the mightiest of them all. He is probably the only person in Asgard that could rival the God of Thunder’s strength. Ulik is also known for his persistence. He is always defeated by Thor but keeps coming back for one more round. He also represents the Rock Trolls, a species nearly driven to extinction because of Thor’s mistake. He represents Thor’s biggest failure.

 6. Ares

Powerful Super Villains Thor 4

There have already been talks for the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus being a part of the future MCU. The Eternals movie will feature characters that are heavily inspired from Greek Mythology. So why not go a step further and introduce Ares? The Greek God of War is a very adept fighter and has even managed to defeat Thor on several occasions in hand to hand combat. The guy craves for battle. The new Thor movie could see Ares coming barging in into Thor’s house asking for a battle. Since Thor is now pretty much like the Unworthy Thor from the comic books, trying to rediscover his purpose in the universe, it would make for a good hero-villain dynamic.

 7. The Wrecking Crew

Powerful Super Villains Thor 4

First appearing in The Defenders in the year of 1974, the Wrecking Crew are a group of four low time thugs that got their hands on some really powerful Asgardian magic that turned these guys into conduits of mystical energy. Each Wrecking Crew Member uses magically charged construction equipment as weapons. The Wrecking Crew may not be the brightest of minds but they tend to always give Thor a run for his money, overwhelming the God of Thunder with sheer numbers. They may not be actual supervillain material but they could be used as henchmen figures, working under a different supervillain.

 8. Ragnarok

Ragnarok MCU Theory

Who else to defeat Thor than Thor himself? During the Civil War arc, Reed Richards and Tony Stark used technology to steal Thor’s DNA and use it to make a clone of Thor. This clone was then outfitted with the best of Stark tech that made it as powerful as the original Norse God. Since Thor was not around during Civil War, Tony used the Thor Clone titled Ragnarok, to keep the anti-Superhuman Registration forces in check. The clone eventually went rogue and killed a bunch of superheroes before he was taken out by Hercules and Storm. Since Thor has been around with Shield for quite a while now, stealing his DNA would not be that difficult. Ragnarok might already be there in the MCU.

 9. Cul Borson

Powerful Super Villains Thor 4

Cul Borson is the Norse God of Fear. He is the brother of Odin and Uncle to Thor. Cul’s power is so great that even Odin fears him. It was because of Odin being afraid of Cul was why the latter was banished from Asdgard forever. Cul returns with a vengeance in the Fear Itself storyline, recruiting superheroes to become heralds to his cause and weapons of war after granting them mystical abilities. Culs’ greatest asset is using the power of fear to make his enemies cower in fear. Cul can also turn into a serpent. This would be a great way for the MCU to combine two super villains, the World Serpent and Cul, into one powerful entity.

 10. Seth

Powerful Super Villains Thor 4

The Egyptian God of Evil and Chaos, Seth has had quite a number of encounters with the God of Thunder. One of the most criminally underrated villains, Seth’s abilities range from magic to power absorption. He is immortal and is endowed with superhuman physical attributes. Seth is now the Egyptian God of the Dead, after ousting Anubis from the Underworld. Thor and Seth’s most famous encounter was when Seth intended to turn the entire multi-verse into an all-encompassing realm of the dead, and since he rules all the dead, he would become the King of the Cosmos. If Thor: Love and Thunder intends to branch out to different mythologies, Seth would probably be their first choice.

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