Marvel Comics Update – Thor’s New Hammer Is Literally A Bomb!

The God of Thunder has totally amazed us throughout his movies in the MCU as Chris Hemsworth has really personified the role in bringing this titular character to the big screen from the Comics. We have to admit that Thor surely looks and is portrayed much better than he is in the comics. In Infinity War we also got to see Thor’s new Hammer Axe, Stormbreaker which is an amazing addition to the MCU.

In the comics, however, Thor has used so many different weapons ever since Mjolnir went away from him.  In the recent run of Thor, ever since he reclaimed his title as the God of Thunder, he decided to enlist the dwarves of Nidavellir to build him a variety of new Hammers as Mjolnir was lost to the heart of the sun.

We got to see all these new Hammers and weapons for Thor in the issue of the comics that came out last month. This new comic series will bring in a lot of weapons for the God of Thunder to use, and we just got to see him use a new one in the second issue of this comic series, Thor #2. In the last issue, we saw at the very end that the God of Thunder and Loki left off traveling to Hel, and there the brothers had a family reunion with Baldur and Tyr, and along with them, they united with Karnilla, Queen of the Norns and Skurge the Executioner.

All of them got in a fight with the Firepedes of Muspelheim which was led by the Sindr Queen, and during the fight, the Gold Hammer that the God of Thunder brought along with him got melted by the burning Muspel blood. That leads him to summon a spare Hammer, which on its way bashes Loki in the face (for obvious reasons) and then it splits into two parts and Thor gave the beasts an epic beat down with the two new weapons.

Well, the real insanity was left to be revealed towards the end as Tyr and Karnilla inform the group of a singing demonic train carrying valuable cargo: a brand new weapon which Sindr strategizes to use upon them. As they see the train coming in, Baldur and Karnilla distract the Fire Goblins on board the train while driving their respective battle truck and motorcycle and in the meanwhile, The God of Thunder left a little present in the middle of the train tracks watching from the sidelines on a boat in the river.

With The God of Thunder getting so many new Hammers, there seems to be one for every different kind of mission, and this one is specifically made up for a mission like this. What he leaves on the tracks was a freakin’ Bomb Hammer. As the train came close to it, it exploded leaving a huge impact, and the train ends up hurtling into the river below as the tracks are completely destroyed.

Even though this amazing new exploding Hammer did what Thor intended for it to do, the secret weapon that the locomotive was carrying was unleashed. Well, this weapon, to everyone’s surprise, turned out to be Hela, the Goddess of Death and her giant wolf Fenris. As it turns out, Hela was already working with Tyr to reclaim Hel.


Fenris, on the other hand, had Thor trapped in his jaws, and the issue ends leaving us thinking that which new Hammer would Thor bring in to defeat her niece and her big wild dog. This has been a season of Thor and his new Hammers as Infinity War also brought an insane new Hammer-Axe, Jarnbjorn aka Stormbreaker.

Thor’s new Hammer

Stormbreaker is the mythical ax that has been heavily featured in the Norse mythology as Thor’s weapon of choice. In the comics, it was wielded by Beta Ray Bill, not The God of Thunder. in the comics, was wielded by Beta Ray Bill, not Thor. While Stormbreaker can do things we have never seen and has abilities that Thor couldn’t even dream of possessing before when he held the Mjolnir. It has an extra boost having the power of Bifrost and it truly channels Thor’s innate lightning force in a way that Mjolnir did not.

Hopefully, we could get to see a little more of Thor even after Avengers 4.

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