These Marvel Characters Will Not Be Included In The First Avengers 4 Trailer

Avengers 4 is still 8 months away from us, but these months feel like a decade because the hype for this movie is humungous. This was the case for Infinity War as well, but the excitement for Avengers 4 has been totally amplified after the impact that Infinity War had upon us. It totally did the unexpected and took down a bunch of our favorite heroes with it. Every one behind Avengers 4, the directors, the writers and the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, have all been consistently saying that the characters who were disintegrated are permanently dead!

Many of the actors playing these dead characters have confirmed a return for Avengers 4 and their future movie sequels as well, so we know for sure that the effects of the big snap that turned all these characters to dust will not be permanent as the characters are going to appear. But since the people behind the upcoming movie keep persistently sticking to them being permanently dead, there will surely be some truth to it and they may play another angle to bring these characters back.

We know that Avengers 4 is going to be a time travel event so perhaps these characters will stay dead in the future, and we are going to meet the past versions of them. Then the Avengers may actually prevent the horrific snap from ever happening in the first place. That is the only legit way which will allow these characters to return without actually changing their future movies.

This may erase their movies that have happened in the past, which means to bring back characters like Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange, we may have to pay the price of having their origin stories to be erased or altered somehow. I don’t know if that is something that will be acceptable. It was okay with the X-Men Franchise, but we can’t have that in MCU.

The other way to bring these characters back could be through the Multiverse theory where other versions of the dead characters, from other Earths, come into play. This is highly unlikely, and we may lose the bond that we had with the previous version of the characters so the Multiverse may not be acceptable as well.

Marvel is playing this really close to the chest and for everything to work fine, they have to reverse the effects of the Snap somehow.

Let’s see what happens when the movie comes out. But one thing is for sure, that we will surely not be seeing the dead and disintegrated characters in the trailers of Avengers 4.

Kevin Feige recently confirmed this fact, as he was recently asked by io9 that whether characters like Black Panther will appear in a trailer, and Feige completely denied that saying he won’t, “Because he’s gone.”

So we should not expect the likes of Gamora, Vision, Bucky, Falcon, Drax, Star-Lord, Groot, Mantis, Wanda, Black Panther, Spider-Man & Doctor Strange to appear in the trailers for Avengers 4.

Loki, on the other hand, could be in the trailers as we have seen him in a set photo that brought in a timeline of the first Avengers movie after the New York battle.

Since, characters like Ant-Man, Wasp (if she survives the snap), Hawkeye and Ant-Man did not get to appear in Infinity War, they may get significant roles in the next one and would surely get to appear in the trailer for Avengers 4.

So, only the original 6 Avengers, Captain Marvel, Rocket, Ant-Man, Nebula, War Machine, Valkyrie and Korg (also Miek) could have appearances in the trailer along with supporting characters like Hank Pym, Pepper, Okoye, Shuri, M’Baku and many more. Well, the first trailer of the movie is still far away as we may not get it before December itself.

Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019, and here’s the official Synopsis:

“A culmination of 22 interconnected films the fourth installment of the Avengers saga will draw audiences to witness the turning point of this epic journey. Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.”

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