DC Comics Update: Your Favorite Arrowverse Superhero Is Now The Most Powerful In DC

While DC is a universe of heavy hitters like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman, none of them are the one we are talking about right now. A MAJOR development has happened within the pages of DC Comics. And unbelievably, it has Green Arrow in its crosshairs. The bow and arrow freak is having some pretty cool upgrades. Presenting DC Comics Update – Believe it or not, Green Arrow is now DC’s most powerful superhero!!

SPOILER ALERT – MAJOR spoilers for Justice League: No Justice #4 up ahead.

Ever since the New 52 reboot happened, Oliver Queen has been more of an ass than a hero in the DC Comics Universe. He has snubbed the League founding members on more than one occasion. He has been a thorn at their side and a liability in multiple instances. The Green Arrow had started to portray himself as a really infamous character. But Justice League: No Justice #4 has changed everything. The guy who likes to operate at a street level, protecting the ‘small guys’ is about to become the defender of Earth. Even in Dark Nights Metal, Green Arrow was only partially helpful and liked to stay on the fringes of the fiasco, helping the needy where no other hero cared to tread. In No Justice though, there are no more Justice League members to take the center stage this time since Brainiac has sent the entire Justice League to space. That leaves the Green Arrow to take over where the League members left.

Amanda Waller is an unwitting antagonist in this story. After killing Brainiac by mistake by making all the psychics on Earth channel their energy into Brainiac’s mind, she is now responsible for the Cosmic Tree growing on Earth. The Cosmic trees are celestial, destructive forces of the cosmos that the Justice League battled in Brainiac’s home planet. One such tree is growing on Earth and Amanda Waller intends to nuke it before it destroys the planet. The green Arrow decides to call upon the Green Lanterns and stop the nuclear event from ever happening.

As Vril Dox, Brainiac’s son comes to Earth to kill Waller, the Omega Titans also jump into the scene. The Justice League members charge the cosmic seed with the four cosmic energies of Wonder, Entropy, Wisdom, and Mystery. Hal Jordan uses his ring to make a green crossbow that could be used to launch the seed as a projectile into one of the Omega Titans, so that the rest could turn on each other and the Earth is saved. The plan works but that is when things get interesting.

As the chapter of No Justice comes to a close, Martian Manhunter – the new leader of the League, visits Oliver Queen personally. He gives him an ornate box which he says contains contingencies to take down each League member should they ever go rogue. This is pretty similar to the Tower of Babel story arc where Batman kept secret files on how to defeat each Justice League member if the need ever arises. This just goes on to prove the amount of power the League is entrusting the Green Arrow with and how they have gone out of their way to ensure the Green Arrow is the one who literally holds the fate of the entire planet in his hands. What does it mean for Oliver Queen? Hard to say considering all he could mutter to himself after looking at the contents of the box is “Well…#$%@”

Arrowverse Superhero dc comics

No Justice has set the table for several more story arcs. Justice League Dark and Justice League odyssey are about to take over where No justice left. There are also other story arcs and one-shots in play that will be affected by the events of Justice League: No Justice.  Considering that fact that Lex Luthor is about to start is Legion of Doom soon, we believe it is just a matter of time the Tower of Babel fiasco is repeated again. That time, it was Ra’s Al Ghul who stole the files and this time it will be Luthor himself. The fate of Earth rests in Oliver Queen’s hands. The Justice League now trusts him with their lives. Should the whole DC Universe do the same as well??

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