Chris Pratt Is Even More Senseless In Jurassic World 2 Than Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War has been a major Box Office hit becoming only the first Superhero movie and the fourth in total to cross the $2 Billion mark. The movie really had a whole lot of competition upon its head as it was competing with major Billion Dollar prospects that were coming out in the following weeks. Well, the other movies did suffer by the presence of Avengers: Infinity War, but by the time another major movie, Jurassic World 2 came out, Infinity War was mostly done.

Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom came out in America just this week, while it has been two weeks since the movie has been out in other parts of the world. Even though the first Jurassic World movie broke the record of The Avengers grossing over $208 Million is just 3 days at the US Box Office, Jurassic World 2 did not turn out that big, but it surely brought in a mammoth total of $150 Million in the first 3 days. And it has already grossed over $700 Million in total worldwide, so this movie has also been a major competitor to other big movies like Incredibles 2.

While other movies may have failed to break the $Billion mark in the last 2 months or so, Jurassic World 2 and Avengers: Infinity War were always going to go past that. And surprisingly, both these big summer blockbusters had one thing in common, which was Chris Pratt playing a cocky show-off in the lead. He was Peter Quill aka Star-Lord in Avengers: Infinity War and in Jurassic World 2, he reprised his role as Owen.

He was brought back into the world of Dinosaurs to track down Blue and bring him to safety. As it turned out, throughout the course of the movie, we it turned out that Owen turned out to be an even dumber character than Star-lord was. The world still majorly blames for Star-Lord to be the one responsible for the big Finger Snap. Even though he has saved the Galaxy twice, he was still the major culprit in getting Thanos to Snap his fingers and wipe out half the population of the entire Universe.

Quill could not keep his calm and ended up getting Thanos out of Mantis’ control. The Avengers would have gotten the Gauntlet out of his hands, but because Quill, the lover boy could not control his emotions and that allowed Thanos to gain control of the situation. The entire world probably hates him for this, but still, we could understand his motivations for this and maybe even forgive him for what he did.

But, Pratt has become the one to play two senseless roles in two major movies now. Pratt’s Owen in Jurassic World 2 has actually ended up being an even more senseless character. Even though Owen was a badass in the movie for some instances, helping Claire and Franklin to escape from the submerged Gyrosphere and he also used a good plan to escape from the cell at the Lockwood mansion involving a Stygimoloch.

Throughout the movie, we could mostly see Owen moving into situations with no plans at all, and he usually wound up being saved by others. Towards the end of the movie, things got even worse as after Maisie ran to her room only to be followed by the free-roaming Indoraptor, Owen jumped in to save the day, but he did so with a fire arm that did not have too many shots to take down the deadly beast.

If it wasn’t for Blue, Owen and Maisie would have been dead right there. Still, during the fight sequence of Blue and the Indoraptor, Owen did not have the presence of mind to get out of there, instead he mindlessly watched on the side-lines while cradling Maisie. It was Maisie who actually came up with a way to get out of there.

Even in the very final act of the film, when Maisie and Owen were on the edge of the roof, and Owen was trying to get the Indorapter to attack him so that it falls down with the roof not being able to take its weight, the plan did not work the way he wanted to. So, at this moment also, Owen was once again staring blankly at the creature instead of coming up with another plan to get Maisie to a safer place or taking down the Raptor. It was Blue again who finally saved the day.

This may be a special record for an A-List actor to appear in two dumb lead roles frequently one after the other. What is even worse is that there are at least 3 more movies left that will continue to Portray Star-Lord and Owen.   

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