Avengers 4 – We Have Our First Look At Thanos

Avengers: Infinity War was the biggest movie Marvel has ever produced, and it was surely the biggest thriller of any Superhero movie. It leaves us on a cliffhanger which we could have never expected. It portrayed Thanos as the big bad of MCU and waiting for so many years to make him feel his relevance was totally worth it. His motivations were justified, and he actually was the hero of his own story. The movie ended up leaving us shocked but it left a very threatening message at the very end which said – “Thanos will return” in Avengers 4!

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As we saw, Thanos was not just a Mad Titan who wants to destroy everything and everyone that comes in his way. His methods are brutal but he has a proper reasoning behind what he did. It was not right way as this does not give true meaning to life, and neither is it fair for the ones who died randomly. They did not get the equal chance to rejoice life, but since the Disintegration was random and necessary in Thanos’ mind, it had to happen.

If you think about it, Thanos’ motivation does make a lot of sense. He had a point and even though trading life to sustain life may not be the humane way, Thanos is no human. He was actually the only one capable enough to take a step against the growing populations of different worlds throughout the Universe.  Perhaps his motivation may feel a little over the edge as the movie did not have a lot of time to explain it in detail showing the effects of the growing population and the balance brought by Thanos. We were left to wonder all of that but the movie did give us glimpse of the causes and effects of why Thanos was so adamant and what he managed to achieve.

Now the Avengers are going to put in all they have in order to destroy Thanos, and possibly fix what Thanos has done to the entire Universe. In Infinity War we saw that Thanos brought the fight to them in order to collect all the Infinity Stones and bring balance to the Universe, but in Avengers 4, the Earth’s mightiest heroes and the leftover Guardians are going to take the fight to the Mad Titan.

We may think that having Captain Marvel on their side, and Thor being in his prime, the Avengers would be able to take on an easily beat the Mad Titan, but we all are forgetting the most important factor that still makes Thanos the most powerful being in the entire Universe, which is the possession of all the Infinity Stones. One may argue that the Infinity Gauntlet, which was able to hold these 6 singularities, these stones of Infinite Power together is now destroyer, but we have got our very first look at Thanos from Avengers 4. Here, check it out:

In this image, we can see that Thanos is back in a brand new armor which is a tweaked version of what he wore before. With his armor, we can see that there is an Infinity Gauntlet totally intact with all the Infinity Stones studded in it, so there is probably another Gauntlet which may come into play somehow. What is so interesting here is the new Weapon that Thanos seems to be wielding. Will this weapon be as significant as the likes of the Stormbreaker or even the Infinity Gauntlet, or is it just a sort of sword that Thanos uses for battle? Well, are going to have an answer for this next year.

Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019, and here is the official Synopsis of the movie:

“A culmination of 22 interconnected films the fourth installment of the Avengers saga will draw audiences to witness the turning point of this epic journey. Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.”

Thanos will return, and it seems as if we are yet to see the might of the Mad Titan. But this time around, our heroes are also going to shine, so be prepared to see Thanos being taken down by the likes of Captain Marvel.

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