Avengers 4 : Here’s How Captain America Will Die

Avengers Infinity War was the most anticipated superhero movie all time. The sheer scale on which the movie was written and produced and filmed is astonishing. It has been called the most ambitious crossover project in all of movie history. The movie features almost 40 superheroes sharing the screen at the same time, it juggled a lot of things, one of which was giving ample screen time to each and every character and still trying to keep the plot relevant, interesting and engaging at the same time. The entire premise of the movie was to present a scenario where everything goes to shit.

The movie aimed at presenting the audience with a possibility of having the good guys lose for once. The idea is that it is not always our protagonists that come out on top. Sometimes they can be faced with such adversaries that are impossible to defeat, after all everyone has a limit, even the Avengers and their allies (namely the sorcerer supreme and the guardians of the galaxy).

This a fact that Avengers infinity war brutally reminded us of after the consecutive “victories” that were age of Ultron and Marvel’s The Avengers. Infinity war was supposed to be the rude awakening that solidified Thanos as an indomitable and intimidating villain who no longer wished to play nice or wait. The actions of the Mad Titan during the events of infinity war were fast and precise, each of his words, each of his subsequent movements (both in combat and out of it) held a deep meaning and were meant to establish the tyrant as an infallible force to be reckoned with.


After the grand victories that the Avengers had there was meant to be a strong fall that broke the hearts of the fandom. This is exactly what Infinity War delivered, a strong call to action for the earth’s mightiest heroes to re-convene and re-assemble a force, one to match the might of e tyrant of the dark quadrant.

But what comes next? If the combined forces of 40 superheroes could not stop the Mad Titan from acquiring all six infinity stones how do the remnants of earth’s mightiest heroes plan on fighting the Titan now, now that he possesses the infinity gauntlet and along with it the power of the cosmos at his fingertips? That is a question we will attempt to tackle here. That is a question that the fandom hopes will be answered in Avengers 4 (whose title we still do not know, by the way).

Apart from this information, there is also the fact the man who plays Captain America via-a-via Chris Evans has given a statement to the media informing the fandom that he will no longer do any Marvel movies after his contract expires after Avengers 4. This dictates that the events of Avengers 4 will decidedly put Captain America out of commission or at least this version of the character (the Chris Evans version). This further means that the plot of Avengers 4 will show ho their Captain will meet his fate, or rather how the baton will be passed on from Chris Evans to whoever Disney execs choose to be the next iteration of the character.

So, now that the facts are laid out let me start out with the theory so the fans can have something to sink their teeth in. The plot of Avengers 4 (possible plot) will be discussed below and I forewarn anyone who doesn’t wish to be a part of blatant speculation or doesn’t want any possible spoilers. So this is the last line, stop reading for the fear of possible SPOILERS. The theory currently trending on Reddit goes as such, after the end of infinity war and the establishment of Thanos as the supreme being in all of the cosmos the future of the Marvel cinematic universe seems Grimm and desolate.

The Avengers 4 will be a movie full of ideas and cues that will try to give us hope and prepare for a new age of heroes after the soft reboot at the end of the Avengers 4. However, before we as audiences get to experience the next Avengers movie we still have two more releases from Marvel which are yet to come out. These movies are Ant-man and Wasp and Captain  Marvel.

While Captain  Marvel is an origin story of Carol Danvers, Antman and Wasp, on the other hand, is a movie that will give us some more background on the events occurring in the Marvel cinematic universe after the end of civil war and prior to the events of Thor: Ragnarök and Infinity war. The implication derived from the Reddit theory suggests that Antman and Wasp will have an ending or a post-credits scene that sets the stage for Avengers 4 and clearly explains why neither Hank Pym or Scott Lang showed up in infinity war. We don’t know how but it seems rather apparent that both Scott Lang and Carol Danvers will play a pivotal role in the upcoming months and set up the plot line for Avengers 4.

It has already been speculated that Avengers 4 will be a story of time travel where the OG Avengers will revisit the battle of New York to fight against the Mad Titan Thanos and alter the past events in a way that they are able to prevent the ending of infinity war. The only problem with this equation is that the current Thanos is the ruler of cosmos with the infinity gauntlet on his palm. So how do our heroes go against the power of six singularities ( space, time, reality, power, soul, mind)? The answer is simple really, they assemble the infinity gauntlet in the past !!!

I know, I know, it sounds completely ridiculous, but as the old saying goes, you gotta fight fire with fire.

Now, as we know, the six stones exist within the Marvel universe but their locations are a bit muddled over the complicated timeline of the Marvel cinematic universe. And it gets even more complicated because it is largely anticipated that the new Avengers movie will involve time travel.

Let’s see where these stones were during the events of Marvel’s The Avengers.

The time stone was at the sanctum Santorum in kahmertaj

The power stone was in the orb so located by Gamora and extracted by Peter Quill

The reality stone is stored in the depths of Niflheim under the guise of the aether

The space stone was in the possession of S.H.I.E.L.D. inside the tesseract

The mind stone was housed inside Loki’s sceptre

And finally, the soul stone was guarded by the red skull on Volnir.

If the Avengers do travel through time they can easily gather all of these stones given their prior knowledge because they come from the future. They can get the time, reality, mind, space and power stones without a hitch given the weight of their quest.

However, the biggest problem will be when the Avengers try to acquire the soul stone. The stone demands a sacrifice and the prevailing theory is that the one to sacrifice his soul so that the Avengers may get their hands on the soul stone is going to be Captain America aka Steve Rogers. Moreover, the theory further iterates that the one to sacrifice Steve Rogers would be no one else but Iron Man himself.


Now, the two have had a bumpy relationship throughout the years and they have had their differences but they are undoubtedly the leaders of the Avengers. No matter the power of Thor and Hulk, the ones who hold the team together have always been Steve and Iron Man.

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The fact that these heroes get together after the events of Civil War is groundbreaking. They are expected to travel through time together and aid each other in gathering materials to both defeat the past version of Thanos and to collect the infinity stones to build a Stark tech gauntlet to rival the future Thanos’ power.

avengers 4 captain america

This theory is solid and it might hold some credibility since it discusses the death of Captain America which aligns with the current contract stipulations of Captain America vis-à-vis Chris Evans.

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