10 Non-Comic Book Characters That Could Beat The Mad Titan Thanos To A Pulp

It certainly is fascinating how the MCU has shown Thanos as a God amongst men. He is one of the most powerful cosmic creatures in the entire galaxy. The most unique part about him is that he is not just an unstoppable cosmic warlord who is unleashing havoc to expand his empire or establish his dominion, instead, he has a much bigger purpose in his life i.e to bring balance to the universe. 

He thinks that over-population is a curse and it must be kept in check, only then can the problems like poverty and squalor be addressed as the resources are finite and fast depleting. He has a radical idea of exterminating half the life in the universe so that that remaining half can live in peace and prosperity.

So, he went in search of six Infinity stones that represent cosmic singularities which control the fundamental blocks of existence. The only way he could fulfill his purpose is if he assembles all the Infinity stones in a gauntlet and snaps his fingers, and the only ones standing between him and total annihilation are Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

To say the Mad Titan overpowered Avengers and Guardians in Infinity war would be the understatement of the century. His brute strength alone was enough to beat the Hulk. His intellect and strategic mindset had no match throughout the universe. He was able to steal all of the Infinity stones and actually did what we feared the most.

But is Thanos really invincible? He was almost taken down by Team Iron Man at Titan and it would have been over if Star-Lord didn’t mess up the plan. There has been a lot of talks about which superheroes being powerful enough to take on the purple freak. But what about the non-comic book characters? Presenting 10 awesome non-comic book characters that could beat the mad Titan to a pulp!!!

The One

The One is Neo in the Matrix Series played by Keanu Reeves, the role for which he won an Oscar. He was an ordinary computer hacker who was living in a fake reality. But then he meets a group of rebels led by Morpheus who is recruiting rebels to save the mankind from enslavement. He gains superhuman abilities to break the physical laws and enter into the Matrix.

Imagine, Thanos meeting the One within the Matrix. That would a fight to die for. Neo can control the Universe and bend it to his will. So can Thanos. So what happens when an Unstoppable Force meets an immovable object? While you might start to think that Thanos has the upper hand, rest assured it will be Neo who wins the fight. He defeated Agent Smith whose job was to guard the real world of “Matrix” while his own world was colonized by machines. Coincidentally, the guy who played Smith i.e Hugo Weaving was also Red Skull in the MCU banished to guard the gates of Vormir where Soul Stone is buried. 


Metatron belongs to the Supernatural series. Once the scribe of God himself, Metatron wrote the word of God and literally was his mouthpiece for everyone.  Metatron would soon use the mystical tablets he wrote himself to declare himself God.

And rightfully so!! Metatron was God before Dean and Sam pulled him down from his throne. If Thanos meets Metatron, the result is an utter defeat for the former.

Bruce Almighty

Laugh all you want but this guy was made God by God himself. Even though it was just a comedy movie, Bruce’s powers were not as comical as the movie made it out to be. The guy could do absolutely anything he desired to.

Thanos needed the Infinity stones to wipe out half the universe. Bruce could just do it while he is whistling in the park and he doesn’t even half to snap his fingers.


The God of War that killed the entire Greek Pantheon. Kratos is not someone to be trifled with. We are sure if Kratos took on Thanos instead of the Hulk fighting the latter, the result would have been the Purple Titan biting the dust. Kratos is also blessed with mystical godlike artifacts.


Sephiroth was just a soldier. Then he went rogue. The Final Fantasy series of games have only one villain that managed to catch everyone’s attention – the one winged Sephiroth.

Apart from the usual Superhuman Strength and Speed, Sephiroth can also cast powerful magic and is probably the strongest being of the Final Fantasy universe.


Lucy had to make this list. Just imagine this scenario – Lucy has achieved critical efficiency. She is now one with the Universe and can do whatever she desires. The Mad Titan enters the picture with the Infinity Gauntlet in hand. That would be a fight we would pay to watch. One can bend reality while the other can make impossible things possible.

Darth Vader

The Force is a powerful thing. And Vader is its most well-known user. While Yoda and Galen Marek are a hell of a lot more powerful than Vader in manipulating the force, it is Vader that has become its most powerful instrument. Darth Vader was literally born of the Force. He can defeat anyone if the Force wills him to. He can choke his opponents to death at the flick of his wrist. 

He has embraced the dark side, so he will be ruthless at the battle-field and kill without any qualms. He commands respect from a massive army at his disposal who will give ‘Outriders’ a run for their money. Also, he understands cosmic creatures and outer space dynamics as compared to Avengers or other superheroes. He certainly is a worthy opponent to Thanos and may even beat him in the end.


Goku is not your typical hero. For a protagonist, he is too powerful. So the show has to provide villains that could match up to Goku’s stature. And the result is Goku and the villain creating a hell of a lot of ruckus while fighting. Once you see Dragonball, you will realize what we mean. Goku is not just a master manipulator of energy but also the universe’s greatest martial artist.

He is an amazing telekinetic who can control objects through physical association; a telepathic genius who has special powers to peruse minds and make up for the lost time. He has an insane ability to fire invisible eye blasts which are so powerful that he has rarely used it. Goku is a formidable opponent that Thanos will struggle to beat. 


We are not talking about the one you see currently in supernatural. The version we are talking about is the Castiel of the old times when he betrayed Dean and Sam to become an eight winged force of nature. Castiel is also a Seraph – a Warrior Angel. If that doesn’t convince you of Thanos’ inferiority, we do not know what will.

Count Dracula

Non-Comic Book Characters That Could Beat The Mad Titan

Nope, the comic book versions are stupid and under-powered. Count Dracula, the true Count Dracula of the 1800s was a true nightmare. He has so many aliases including the devil, Dr. Vlad, Dragon, Drake, Justin Drake, the Impaler, Undead, Lord of the Damned etc. He could resurrect the dead, perform dark magic, was unkillable, could shapeshift and had a whole set of other abilities he never used.

He has far greater powers than any usual vampire. He is immune to ageing, disease or any form of injury. He can amplify his powers or circumvent his weaknesses through magical spells. He needs a pretty regular supply of blood without which he goes crazy.

Put the Mad Titan against Dracula and the outcome will be the bloodsucker draining out all the purple blood out of him. 

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