Infinity War – Why Did Marvel Change The Hulks’ Story Arc In The Movie?!?!?!

In the movie- Infinity War, there was Captain America leading the Secret Avengers, Iron Man leading his new Team Stark and Thor traveling to Nidavellir to forge his new Weapon. And then there was the Hulk. The Hulk’s story arc was certainly bizarre and weird. It was so different than what fans originally perceived it to be it made the comic book nerds watching the movie scratch their heads in confusion. He was portrayed a tad bit different and his character arc sounded a bit extreme. Why was that? Every character had a story arc that helped it develop forward while Hulk’s made him step backward. Why did Marvel Change the Hulks’ story arc in the movie?!?!?!

Since Disney does not wholly own the rights to the Hulk (all thanks to Universal Studios), Marvel Studios can only use Bruce Banner as a supporting character in the MCU movies. The Hulk’s character development began as a trilogy of sorts, as said by Mark Ruffalo who plays Bruce Banner in Infinity War.  The trilogy began with Thor: Ragnarok which focused on the Hulk persona. Infinity War was the second part which focused more on Bruce Banner than the Hulk. Avengers 4 will be the trilogy’s culmination, focusing on both the personas coming to terms as separate entities occupying the same body. He is undergoing a transformation in the MCU. The only problem is – the direction the transformation is taking is erratic as hell. Here are some of the questions that arose from the Hulk arc in Infinity War:

SPOILERS for Infinity War up ahead….

Why did Heimdall choose the Hulk and not Thor to be sent to Earth?

Heimdall is the all-seeing guardian of Asgard. He could look into millions and millions of souls simultaneously. And yet even he could not anticipate the coming of Thanos. When Thanos obliterates the Asgardian Refugee ship, Heimdall falls prey to their rampage. Even the Hulk is no match for Thanos in terms of raw, brute strength alone. Loki dies and Thor looks helpless. And yet when push comes to shove, Heimdall uses the last of his Dark Magic to transport not his king but the Hulk. Why did he transport him to the Sanctum Sanctorum? Thor knows Strange better than Hulk. It should have been Thor. Why did Heimdall choose him?

What happened to the Hulk after his fight with Thanos?

The Hulk was the one in control throughout Thor: Ragnarok. Bruce remembered almost nothing of the two years he spent as the Jade Giant on Sakaar when the Hulk transformed back to his human form. But in Infinity War, after Bruce transforms back to the Hulk, he remembers his fight with the Mad Titan vividly, with every little detail. What could be the explanation for that? Was he so traumatized by Thanos’ fists that his memories of the event bled into the Bruce Banner persona?

What happens to the Hulk now?

The Hulk is somewhat of a child while Bruce is the adult. The Hulk follows a ‘Hulk Smash’ attitude while Banner approaches a problem logically and rationally. When the Hulk saw Surtur and Abomination, the Hulk’s first instinct was to beat the shit out of both. Banner has always been scared of what he could do as the Hulk, so he stays afraid of himself and others his whole life. But in Infinity War, when the he refuses to come out, Banner takes charge. He dons the Hulkbuster and goes into battle, even defeating a member of the Black Order.

Avengers 3 saw the Hulk being humanized. It showed genuine signs of emotions. Avengers 4 will show us the Hulk coming to terms with the fact that he is neither invincible nor alone. Avengers 4 will hopefully give us some answers.

The Hulk was supposed to come out in Infinity War!!!

Infinity war hulk bruce banner

Here’s the thing – the CGI of Bruce Banner’s head popping out of the Hulkbuster armor was some of the worst of the entire movie. Infinity War is supposed to be one of the most expensive movies and yet the Bruce Banner CGI sucked as hell. They looked like they were done in a hurry and in the last minute. One Hasbro toy even showed the Hulk ripping out of the Hulkbuster suit. So, the fact that now arises is – the Hulk was supposed to come out from the Hulkbuster armor and rip Cull Obsidian to pieces. Maybe Marvel decided the Hulk story arc could be extended and given more depth and so, Bruce stayed in control, using the Hulkbuster’s severed arm to destroy the Black Order general.

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