The Box Office of F9 Hits A Major Milestone In Pandemic Times

Fast and Furious series is an action-packed adventure based around Dominic Torretto, a thief with amazing capabilities who cares only about his own family. The man is basically a legend at this point. He came to the scene with the first movie and now with the ninth installment in the franchise he has taken over the entire franchise. There is no Fast and Furious without Dominic and his muscle cars. Now with F9 things have amped up even further, and it is reflected by the fact that the Box office of F9 hits a major milestone in Pandemic Time. Covid has not been kind to the service industry and cinemas and restaurants are the industry that has been hurt the worst. However, movies like F9 have held down the fort. Read on to find out how.

The movie has now grossed 169.8 million USD on domestic box office and 704 million USD worldwide, which is huge for a pandemic release. For context, Godzilla vs. Kong capped at $467 million worldwide, and Tenet only made $363.7 million worldwide. The money that these movies made does not hold a candle to the numbers that F9: Fast Saga is pulling in at the onset of its release. This is quite peculiar but not surprising considering the popularity of the franchise.


Box office of F9

Even Black Widow could not replicate this as it only made $371 million. It is possible that the re-opening of theatres after the vaccination process may be the reason for the spike in numbers but it is more likely because of Vin Diesel’s iconic character, Dominic Toretto. Also, F9 did not get a streaming release while Black Widow made around over $125 million through Disney+ Premier Access.


The Numbers

The numbers of other movies released in the pandemic come nowhere close to the money that F9: The Fast Saga has made. Let’s talk about some of the older movies of the franchise to realize just how big this current milestone is. The Fate of the Furious made  $1.23 billion but that was before the pandemic, similarly, Hobbs & Shaw capped at $759 million. This means that a good franchise movie hits and crosses the billion mark while one that is not praised as much may only end up around the $700 million mark. But this was before the pandemic. Now, with Covid raging anything around $500 million is considered good.


However, like always this franchise has exceeded our expectations and crossed the border to the point that it has left all other pandemic releases behind. The Suicide Squad has made only $144 million worldwide despite being in theatres for approximately the same time. This shows just how good the new Fast & Furious movie is and just how fast it is rising. We cannot comprehend where it will stop but maybe it will become the first pandemic release to cross a billion dollars in gross revenue. We can just hope for it and hype the movie up.



In all honesty, we were pretty excited by F9. But we are even more excited about future movies. Without the rendezvous of two industry giants, we feel the movies are a little lackluster. They may have their own appeal, but the heart wants what it wants. An action-packed flick full of explosions and laced with a fast-paced narrative is the kind of things fans expect. They will not stand for anything less. We hope the studios and actors remember who they are making content for. But even without The Rock, the new movie is hitting unprecedented milestones.


Box office of F9

We cannot even start to fathom how things will unfold when The Rock does rejoin the franchise in the next movie, hopefully. Will we see the movie cross a billion dollars in the next week? Maybe, at least we can hope. But now one thing is for certain after the milestone hit by F9. We are going to get a whole slew of new movies and probably really fast. F9 has just proved to the industry that the pandemic is no barrier to success and the only thing that is in your way of making money is you yourself.


Maybe Marvel can learn a couple of things from Universal Studios and make good movies rather than just relying on universal ethos to carry them through the pandemic. How do you think this milestone achievement will affect the movie industry? Will we start to get many more theatrical releases or will it have no effect? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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