8 Ways to Fight Your Stress

Stress is very common nowadays and it is important to prevent it from turning into pressure or worse, depression. Everyone has their way of tackling stress, here are a few ways that can help you or guide you to your way.

You’re Not Alone, Stress Comes To Everyone


Never think that all the world’s problems have dawned upon you. Never think that you are not able to handle your problems well. That’s how stress works its way down within you. Problems, situations, confusions, they all come in everyone’s life in some way or the other. At the same time, nobody is ‘perfect’ in handling anything, no matter how perfect others seem in handling their lives, it’s only a comparative view. Stress comes to disturb everyone, but we need to take control over it before it takes control over us…

Take Off That Mask, Share Your Worries

We’ve all lied about our feelings at a point of time to avoid judgement, confrontation or simply due to anxiety and fear. But we need to take off this mask in front of someone! Yes, it might be hard to find that someone but someone has to be there. It can be anyone from family to a friend to a teacher to a counsellor to a coach to even someone on the internet.

Feelings and emotions, the more they are bottled up inside, the more badly they come out later in future, it’s these things that lead to breakdowns…

Since stress does hit everyone, even when we don’t think people will not understand, we’ll never know unless we try. People do understand…


Release Your Emotions, Your Way


If you can’t find a confidant,

Write diary entries, draw, make video logs, speak to yourself in the mirror, sing out loud, dance, go running… just let those feelings out of you.

Do Something You Love Everyday

Even if it’s for just 5 minutes… Stress has become more common nowadays due to our fast lives. In order to catch up with time, we often forget to find time for ourselves and for the things we actually love and care about. It might be hard to do something after a long break or a tiring day but give it a try, it just may give you peace and make all your efforts worthwhile.

Don’t Ever Skip On Food And Sleep

Keep your health in check. It’s rightly said, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.” Stress can at times disrupt our sleeping patterns and changes the appetite to extreme levels. Stick to your schedules and don’t ditch your meals and sleep, because once your physical health gets into trouble, you will only have more things to worry about.

Reset Your Priorities

You may not even realize that you might be stressing over something that doesn’t even require that much attention of yours in the first place. Ask yourself, will it matter to you in the long run? Can you do anything about it? If yes, do it. If no, there is no point thinking about it and you need to move on.

Keep On Accumulating The Good


No matter how much bad there is. We all need hope to live onto, but we end up losing it because we can only focus on all the bad things that happen to us. We need to keep looking towards the good things even if they are very less. Imagine you had a horrible day at the office but on the way home you offered a pen to kids who couldn’t find one to complete their birthday card and it made them so happy they thanked you ten times for it, it made you happy for a minute and then you’re back to your stressful life. While sleeping, think of that happiness you got out of your deed rather than thinking about the horrible part of the day. Our perspective towards life can do wonders.


Allow yourself to breathe. Try not to worry and overthink about the things that may or may not happen, and focus on the present. Things take the time to work, different time for different people, but sooner or later they will work out. Give the time, some time.

Himanshi Siwach

Himanshi is a fan of art and creativity of every kind and appreciates it with gratitude. A huge Music fanatic. Philosophical and introspective. Holds the belief of learning through life and spreading the lessons.
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