Avengers: Infinity War Reveals The Major Twist of Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Finale

Agents of SHIELD is probably the best MCU TV Show out of all the content that has been running all across different networks and streaming services. Even after being on TV, the show has never limited its range, and given that it did not have any big Superhero names or even a huge budget attached, it has still managed to satisfy fans on every aspect which may include the plot, action sequences, drama, emotion and most of all, the Superheroes.

Agents of SHIELD brought in the low-level Superheroes from the comics which would not have gotten recognition in the movies, and turned them into household names. The biggest name that was introduced on the show last season was Ghost Rider. Season after season, the show has surprised us all with the amazing feats it has achieved in terms of the plot it brings into the mix. This is the show that references the movies the most, and in many ways, is even driven by what is happening in the movies.

The first two seasons were highly driven by the events that occurred in the movies, but the references became a bit lower as the show progressed. Even after that, it has never been short of what you may call an amazing and entertaining Marvel property. Agent Phil Coulson has led everyone by beginning his own SHIELD from scratch and getting it to the top. SHIELD agents have saved the world numerous times from the threats that the world outside the show does not even know about (or at least that is what we have to believe).

The latest episode of Agents of SHIELD named dropped the biggest and the baddest villain the MCU has ever seen, Thanos. It hinted how the effects of Avengers: Infinity War will affect the world. The villainous organisation from the show, the Confederacy, explained how Thanos has begun his quest to collect the Infinity Stones and how he is the biggest threat that bestows upon Earth now, and the Confederacy is the one who will help Earth when Thanos arrives.

But given that we have already seen Avengers: Infinity War and what happens at the end of it, we may know the fate of Agents of SHIELD as well. Currently, the Agents will have to take on General Talbit, who has now gained unlimited power by infusing himself with Gravitonium turning into Graviton. He has been duped by the Kree Warlord, Taryan of the House Kasius who is pretending to be the friend of him and Planet Earth. But as we have seen the future and know that Kasius exploits what is left of Earth in the future and is the true villain, Graviton is being totally played and since he is under the influence of power that the Gravitonium has inflicted upon him, it is going to be really difficult for SHIELD from here on.

But what may be spoiled for the Season Finale of Agents of SHIELD is the fate of the fellow SHIELD agents when the events of the show come parallel to the end of Infinity War. The movie’s shocking twist towards the end was Thanos accomplishing his mission by snapping his fingers having all the Stones on the Infinity Gauntlet, disintegrating half the population of the entire Universe. So, half of the Agents or all of them or some of them have to turn to ash if the show is acknowledging events from the movies.

It means that even if SHIELD is able to break the time loop and save Earth from shattering apart preventing the future they have been to, the fate of many agents still may be written already. It is only a matter of 2 episodes and we may find out that who among these agents is going to turn into ash. Will, it be Daisy Johnson, Mack, May or Coulson? Fitz, Simmons, and Yo-Yo do make it to the future, so they may be safe if the future is coming true, but if SHIELD does break the time loop, then the threat of their disintegration and Deke’s non-existence also looms over their heads.

Agents of SHIELD will return Friday, on May 11 with the brand new episode, “The Force of Gravity” on ABC.

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