10 Decent Acting Performances In The Twilight Saga

Twilight series has had many haters as well as fans over the years. The series has had less critical acclaim and more hype and the acting performances have been mostly called boring and plain. Still, there were some actors who put in their efforts for this average series that went unnoticed. These are some of the decent acting performances from the Twilight series:

10. Cam Gigandet:

James was a good villain in the first movie and was performed very well by Cam Gigandet. He was the right amount of evil and played his part well. The actor is a trained martial artist which helped him get an edge over the fight scenes and fit well as the athletic vampire.

9. Ashley Greene:

One of the better Cullen siblings was Alice Cullen, the enthusiastic and chirpy sister who always supported Bella and Edward in their decisions. Ashley was graceful in her performance and did a good job in portraying the clairvoyant vampire. Unfortunately, she did not get much success after the series ended and has not appeared in many roles since the Twilight series.

8. Graham Greene:

He played the role of Harry Clearwater who had a small role in the series and died in the second film itself. Greene’s acting however was more than decent as he was one of the few experienced actors who knew his job well. Even though his character was short, he left a lasting impression on the series.

7. Rami Malek:

You may not even remember that Rami Malek was in the Twilight series. He played a very small character and only appeared in the last movie. He played the character of Benjamin, a vampire that could bend the forces of nature to his will and helped Carlisle and his clan in fighting the Volturi.

6. Peter Facinelli:

The Cullen father who led the vampire family was Carlisle Cullen who was played by Peter Facinelli. Carlisle was a caring and generous man who took care of his clan well and protected them from harm at all costs. He treated his made up family like his own and fought beside them. Facinelli played the fatherly aspect of Carlisle very well.

5. Dakota Fanning:

She had been the favourite Hollywood child actress for years but this was a role that showed a completely different aspect of her acting as she played the Volturi’s favourite Jane who had some wicked powers that made her scary as well as brilliant. Fanning played her part well and was a good semi-villain in the movies.

4. Taylor Lautner:

He played the third half of the love triangle that is the main focus of the series. Lautner was initially criticized for his portrayal and was called too lean to play a werewolf. He later bulked up and clearly looked the part. He gave a decent performance as the werewolf who loved Bella and later her daughter. He often provided some comic relief and adrenaline to the movies.

3. Michael Sheen:

He played the creepy leader of the vampire cult Volturi, Aro. Sheen captured the madness and grace of the character well and was scary and funny at the same time. Aro is a vampire who wishes to collect all talented vampires for his organization that instills a fear into all vampire clans by acting like an evil governing body.

2. Billy Burke:

He played the grumpy old dad of Bella Swan in the series Charlie Swan. Charlie is a good guy but mostly annoying and boring and this is how Billy Burke played him. He stayed true to the character and performed well with what was given to him. He is surely one of the better performances and also a believable one.

 1. Anna Kendrick:

Acting Performances In The Twilight Saga

She is extremely famous these days but in her Twilight days, Kendrick was just another actress playing a girl next door character and she did her job well. The character of Jessica is loud and chirpy and completely annoying. She is the character which makes no difference to the plot and could have died and nobody would have noticed. Kendrick did a good job in portraying her and is a talented actress in general.

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