5 Amazing Movie Endings That Audiences Totally Hated

There are a modest bunch of worn out endings that never neglect to fulfill groups of onlookers: the person and lady live cheerfully ever after, the legend spares the world, the characters discover satisfaction. These sorts of endings show up in the larger part of movies made today, and the length of the story is very much made, these anticipated endings can, in any case, feel earned. So it’s a disgrace that when producers take a stab at something else for a change they frequently discover their crowds unwelcoming. Here are 5 Amazing movie endings that audiences totally hated.

 1) No Country for Old Men


No Country for Old Men begins off as your average western. There’s the sheriff, the bandit, and the clueless national who winds up with a handbag of stolen cash. The film is a white-knuckle feline and mouse thriller that had gatherings of people stuck to their seats for the initial 66% of the film. Be that as it may, despite the fact that No Country won Best Picture of the Year and was lauded by commentators, numerous groups of onlookers felt the counter-climactic, slice to-dark completion was a huge letdown. Rather than prompting to an extreme duel between the saint and the reprobate, the man character is really slaughtered off-screen, keeping in mind the awful person escapes with the cash the story refocuses on the maturing sheriff, Ed Tom Bell.

 2) Lost in Translation2

Lost in Translation takes after Bob Harris, a maturing motion picture star who’s experiencing an emotional meltdown. While Bob is in Tokyo to film an ad he meets Charlotte, a youthful college alumnus who feels disengaged from her relationship. The two develop close and bond over their rough relational unions and sentiments of seclusion while stuck in Tokyo. In the wake of sharing an ungainly farewell, Bob spots Charlotte strolling down the road while on his way to the air terminal. Weave escapes the taxicab and pursues her. The two grasp and Bob whispers something into Charlotte’s ear that is too calm for the group of onlookers to listen. They kiss and trade their last farewells.

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