Zack Snyder’s Original Plan For The DCEU Was For Five Movies, Maybe Even More!!!!!

As times passes by, more and more news confirming Snyder’s original plan for the DCEU is coming to the limelight. The journey that began with Man of Steel in 2013 was to go in a much different way than how it is seen today. The DC Extended Universe was to begin first with a 5 movie plan for the Man of Steel. That’s right folks. Zack Snyder’s Original Plan for the DCEU was for 5 movies, maybe even more, and that is just for Superman. The DCEU has now moving forward without Snyder and the resulting aftermath of his absence of vision is quite evident.

Henry Cavill has been quite the vocal supporter of a Man of Steel sequel. Snyder’s plan may be going down the gutter but a Man of Steel 2 is still on the cards for Warner Bros. who has reportedly roped in Matthew Vaughn to direct the movie. Superman is going to appear in Shazam! That is all but confirmed news. But will Man of Steel 2, a movie so stuck in development hell, it would have given Independence 2 a run for its money, happen? That is a story with a lot of questions and too little answers.

The answer to those questions now comes in the form of recent WB revelations that Zack Snyder planned at least 5 Superman-centric movies for the DCEU. Man of Steel was just the beginning and interestingly, Man of Steel 2 was never on the cards. The Superman movies would have started with Man of Steel, BVS, Justice League, and its two sequels. This theory now confirms the fact that Justice League was supposed to be a trilogy telling the story of Superman blossoming into a true people’s hero. Why did this not happen?!?!? We need answers.

The DCEU was so damn well planned that it would put the MCU to shame!!!

Believe it or not, the criticism that Snyder created the DCEU without a tactical approach holds absolutely no water. The movies did not seem in place and the direction looked shoddy to the meager, weak minds. But it was only a matter of time before Snyder’s true vision would come into the picture. A matter of time was all it would have taken. A matter of time – something DCEU did not give Snyder the luxury of.

Many are off the opinion that WB forced Snyder into introducing Batman and making BVS instead of a Man of Steel sequel. But that is entirely false. BVS has already planned a long time ago and characters like Batman and Wonder Woman, which many claims needed their own solo movies before being introduced into team ups, did not need the typical Marvel Formula of introducing the characters in their origin stories first before teaming them up. To be frank, all major DCEU characters are well known and have already been established via scores of WB superhero movies. Marvel needed to do Origin stories because no one knew their current MCU heroes’ roster before 2008. DC always has had an established fan following. Snyder knew it and he had planned the DCEU accordingly. It is only now that we realized how awesome the DCEU would have been if Snyder would still be directing it.

Why the Justice League trilogy makes sense?

Marvel’s formula was doing the solo movies and using the heroes for team-ups once they are jacked up on popularity. DC had already given the go-ahead to Snyder for Justice League even before the Aquaman and Wonder Woman movies were on the pipeline. That means DC was following a reverse approach to storytelling. They intended to use the Justice League trilogy to introduce the characters they wanted to flesh out further and then use them in their own solo adventures. That is pretty much what is happening with the Fast & Furious franchise.

What would have been the Trilogy be about??

Zack Snyder’s Original Plan For The DCEU Was For Five Movies, Maybe Even More!!!!!

The original plan was for four JL movies. They were later condensed to just three. This is how the story would have been. Steppenwolf would have come to Earth looking for the Motherboxes. The Justice League would have been formed to stop him and the world would realize the threat of Darkseid. Justice League 2 would have been Darkseid coming to Earth on a story similar to Justice League: War. A lot of other heroes like Shazam and Green Lantern would have been introduced to the DCEU by then.  Justice League 3 would have been on the lines of Final Crisis, where Darkseid manages to defeat the League and enslave the world using the Anti-Life Equation and Batman would have ended up sacrificing his life to save the world. Sadly, Snyder, for all his wonderful plans for the DCEU, could never get a chance good enough to prove his vision to the world.

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