Here’s Breakdown of The Official Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

The Solo: A Star Wars Story was a double-edged weapon for Lucas Films. It could do as much profit at the Box Office as it could prove to be a Box Office Bomb. There is always an equal probability that it could damage both sides of the equation pretty easily. Well now things are looking up, we must say. The Trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is here and it is everything we Star Wars fans had hoped for. Not for a second does the trailer let us down. And frankly, for a Star Wars movie on Han Solo, the most loved character in the entirety of the Star Wars franchise; that is what counts. The Official Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer is finally here and it’s Incredible….

Here is the trailer the whole world was waiting for:

LucasFilm sure has taken an unconventional approach to a marketing campaign for Solo. While most of the Star Wars movies, including the spinoff Rogue One, were made to follow a predefined marketing and advertising strategy, they had to break the mould for this one. Solo: A Star Wars Story is a risky venture and most fans thought that this movie could be the downfall of the franchise. So LucasFilm had to tread carefully. The Studio mostly releases their trailer eight months prior to the movie’s release date.

In Solo: A Star Wars Story’s case, the trailer was released just three months before it hits the theaters. This not only gave their previous movie The Last Jedi the necessary breathing space at the theaters but also ensured the perfect time for building up the Hype for Solo, the perfect moment being the Super Bowl.

Things are now kicking into top gear for Solo. LucasFilm has a fearsome reputation of delivering blockbuster hits and they certainly don’t want to break their streak now. Contrary to popular belief, Solo: A Star Wars Story will not have its release date pushed back. It is staying right on schedule on May 11th, 2018. LucasFilm is currently on overdrive to build up the hype train for Solo. A second trailer has been released, detailing new scenes and character interaction not scene in the previous one.

The trailer is a little more than two minutes and offers some much-needed insight into the early life of Han Solo. Han is eager to make it big in the Galaxy far, far away. To that end, he is willing to ally himself with the criminal underworld. Tobias Beckett offers Han a hand. The Crime Lord Dryden Vos is directing a big job that Tobias wants Han to take part in.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

We see Han talking to Chewie, several funny character interactions, new twists to the iconic lines from the Original Trilogy and Han finally getting his hands on the Millennium Falcon. He has a ‘good feeling’ about this. We also finally see Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian in the movie and he looks sassy as hell. Alden Ehrenreich was previously suspected of not being able enough to do the role enough justice. Several acting classes taken by the actor seems to have taken that fear away. He looks perfect to play a young Han Solo.

The trailer also establishes a firm old sci-fi space cowboy theme for the movie. That is how Han Solo likes it and that is how we like it. Apart from the hilarious conversations between Chewie and Han, there is also the suave Lando doing a splendid job of acting cool and composed. Glover is exceptional as the future Baron administrator of Tatooine. Like Rogue One, we expect Han Solo to explore the dynamics of long established characters from the original trilogy. Lando, Han and Chewie need to have a long chatting session together. We don’t care how.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

But do not for a second expect that Solo will be just a space drama. Beckett has already warned Han that he must not trust anyone. So we think it is safe to assume that there will be several twists and turns in the movie. As a matter of fact, Han is a hardened suspicious cynic in the Original Trilogy. Something happened to him in the movie that turned him from a happy-go-lucky joy-rider to the anti-hero he is better known as.

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