10 Greatest Battles in Game of Thrones Till Now

Blood, Death and Fire

Game of Thrones is an action packed show and has given some of the best battle scenes till date. There are some amazing one of one fights and battles in the show and if you don’t mind seeing some blood then you would surely enjoy these. These are the best battles on Game of thrones till date.

10. Battle at the Fist of the first men:

This was the first fight between white walkers and humans in the show and was shown very well. It may not be the most memorable battle but it was very crucial in the plot. This battle showed us how terrifying and dangerous the undead are and also how hard to kill.

9. Dany and Dragons vs the Slavers:

The best part about this battle is that it was a bit unexpected. As the masters discuss the terms of surrender for Dany and company they are shocked by the entry of Drogon. Dany rides Drogon and leads her dragons to destroy the fleet of ships brought by the masters. With this ends slavery in Mereen once and for all. This battle was not the wisest thing Dany did as those ships would have helped her but she is a dragon and therefore a fighter.

8. The Greyjoy naval battle:

In the second episode of season 7 ‘Stormborn,’ we see a Greyjoy vs Greyjoy battle as Yara and Theon are met with a bad surprise from their uncle Euron. Euron Greyjoy is a character we don’t know much about but suddenly he is one of the biggest villains on the show and a real threat. Yara and Theon learn this in a gruesome naval battle where they are badly defeated by their uncle. The battle is intense as two of the sand snakes get killed and Yara, Ellaria, and her daughter get captured by the end of it. Theon flees and lives to tell the tale.

7. Drogon vs the Sons of the Harpy:

In season 5 we get the first example of Dragon’s fighting skills and Dany’s dragon riding skills. The sons of the Harpy are pro slavery and are not happy with the abolishing. As they attack Dany and friends in the fighting pit, the situation gets bad until Dany summons Drogon. The black dragon fights fearlessly and burns most of the enemies. It is one of the highlights of the whole series as it was the first time we saw a dragon burning its enemies.

6. Battle of Castle Black:

As the wildlings attack Castle Black from every direction, the battle becomes intense as the watchers on the wall are clearly outnumbered. Wildlings have giants and mammoths and some savage fighting skills and this makes it hard for the night’s watch to defeat them. Stannis comes to aid and the wildlings are finally defeated after a lot of bloodsheds. Ygritte dies in Jon Snow’s arms in a dramatic scene as the star crossed lovers are together for the last time.


5. Battle of the Blackwater:

This was the first major battle in the show and it was really amazing. Tyrion Lannister was the hero even though nobody gave him credit for it. Stannis Baratheon came to claim the iron throne which truly belonged to him at that time but the Lannisters defeated him. Tyrion uses his intellect and leads the Lannister army to victory by throwing wildfire. In the end, Tywin Lannister enters with the Tyrell army and takes all the credit away from Tyrion. This really was one of the best episodes till date and the battle of Blackwater is one of the best battles of the show.

4. The Spoils of War:

Game of Thrones

The Lannisters may have won Highgarden but they were in for an unfortunate surprise here. Daenerys and Drogon attack the Lannister army along with the Dothraki and as Robert Baratheon had said: “only a fool would meet the Dothraki in open field”. The banisters were already losing but then Dany and Drogon totally destroyed them. One of the highlights is Bronn attacking Drogon with the scorpion and actually causing harm to a dragon. Then Jaime does a stupid move and tries to kill Dany but Drogon is there to save his mom. This was a devastating battle as everything burned and the Lannisters didn’t really stand a chance.

3. Hardhome:

This is one of the most memorable battles of the show ever and left us on the edge of our seats. The night king brings his army of the dead to a fishing village where Jon and Tormund went to convince the other wildlings to join them and come south of the wall. They are terrifying and extremely dangerous as the night king can make corpses into wights with just a raise of his hand. This battle had every element, there was chaos, death, magic, blood, and Snow. Jon Snow killed a white walker in this battle and it was one of the best scenes ever. This is one of the most memorable battles of the show and the makers need to be applauded for it.

2. Beyond The Wall:

Unbelievably so, but Tyrion Lannister, Hand of the Queen came out with another bad idea of capturing a white walker at the East watch to convince Cersei that the threat is real and they should come together against the Night King. Jon Snow led the magnificent seven to capture a wight but got trapped on the floating ice lake. Finally, Dany came to their rescue with her dragons and lost Viserion in the battle.

1. Battle of the Bastards:

This was the battle that created television history and brought the vision of the makers on screen magnificently. We were all on Jon Snow’s side but we somehow knew he was outnumbered and the chances were less. As our favorite bastard charges into battle with Ramsey Bolton’s army he is almost defeated as the pile of corpses rises and his army is suffocated in the whole macabre. Ramsey Bolton watches from far as he is sure he has won and will own Winterfell for the rest of his days. Then comes Sansa Stark with the Arryn army to claim back her home from this monster. The battle was so intense that we were biting our nails and the end was just so satisfying. This battle also proved how Jon Snow is a great soldier and fighter but lacks strategic abilities as he charged alone against the Bolton army and prepared to fight them. Sansa played a huge role here and saved the day.

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