10 Biggest Secrets From Behind The Scenes of Harry Potter

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The Harry Potter series ended a while ago but we are still fascinated by it. The films were amazing and the cast had a fun time shooting them. There are many behind the scenes secrets that are not known by most people. Let us take a look at some of these behind the scenes secrets of the Harry Potter movies:

10. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes:

The Weasley joke shop was a lot of work for the makers and took a lot of time. It took 6 months for the designers to create the joke shop which unfortunately only gets a little screen time. The candies shown were all fake and were made of silicone.

9. The food in the great hall:

Remember all those feasts at Hogwarts every night? Well initially the food you saw used to be real but it would go bad soon and stink so then came the frozen food. In the end the makers made some fake food with molds and put it between real food. So half of the food was real and the other half was fake.

8. The Seven Potters:

Remember the scene from Deathly Hallows part 1 where the order took polyjuice potion to transform into Harry Potter? As a result we had seven Harry Potters in that scene and it was a very funny scene. That one scene took two days to film and was very complex. Radcliffe revealed it was exhausting and took 90 takes for each Potter.

7. Ron and Rupert’s fear of Spiders:

As we know Ron Weasley hates spiders and has severe arachnophobia. But did you know Rupert Grint shares the same fear and wasn’t really acting in those scenes. He even admitted that he doesn’t watch that particular scene from Chamber of Secrets and is even afraid of rubber spiders.

6. Helena becoming Bellatrix:

Helena Bonham Carter plays the ruthless Bellatrix Lestrange in the Potter series and might have taken her character too far while filming OOTP. In a scene where she is holding Neville Longbottom by his hair and has a want on his throat she accidently hit him with the wand on his ear and injured his eardrum. He went deaf for a few days after that.

5. Dudley’s weight loss:

Remember the chubby Dudley from the first two films? He was played by Harry Melling who soon lost a lot of weight and became quite skinny. In POA when he had to reprise his role he had lost so much weight that the makers thought he didn’t look like Dudley anymore. Luckily instead of replacing him they put him into a fat suit and make prosthetics for his face that took almost 6 months to make!

4. Daniel and the props:

So Daniel Radcliffe is an extremely careless guy as he broke most of the wands he used for filming. He played with them all the time and the prop department had to make them again and again. He also kept breaking his glasses while shooting. Overall he broke almost 70 wands and 160 pairs of glasses.

3. JK Rowling shared information with Alan Rickman:

Severus Snape as we know is one of the most complicated characters and cannot be defined as a hero or villain. He was played with perfection by the late Alan Rickman and what a lot of people didn’t know is that Rickman knew a lot about Snape already. JK Rowling shared the secrets of Snape with Alan Rickman to make him understand the character better. This led to Rickman getting in certain conflicts with the directors who did not know what he knew about Snape.

2. Asking the trio to write an essay:

During the filming of ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’, the director wanted to know how much Dan, Emma and Rupert understood their characters so he told them to write an essay from their character’s point of view. Emma wrote a 16 page essay explaining Hermione and Dan wrote a 1 page thing. Rupert however refused to write an essay and said that’s not something Ron would do to which the director said he definitely understood his character. Classic!

1. Daniel’s stunt double was paralysed:

10 Biggest Secrets From Behind The Scenes Of Harry Potter

The Potter films showed Harry doing a lot of cool stuff from flying a broomstick to jumping off of towers. It wasn’t Daniel Radcliffe who was doing those stunts but David Holmes who suffered an unfortunate incident during the filming of the last Potter film. During a stunt that portrayed an explosion David went through an accident where he hit a wall and then landed on a crash mat. The stunt went wrong and as a result David was paralysed from the chest down at the age of 25. Daniel rasied money for him by hosting charity auctions and events and visited him in the hospital. The two are still close and Dan considers him an important person in his life.

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