Avengers: Infinity War – Location of The Soul Stone Finally Revealed

Avengers: Infinity War is finally out and the wait for the movie of the decade is over! Well, seeing Avengers: Infinity War, people would be wanting to see Avengers 4 even more desperately as Avengers: Infinity War left us in the most suspense building, Game of Thrones level Cliffhanger. This was a total masterpiece by Anthony and Joe Russo, and the way they handled all the aspects and characters coming into this movie was just tremendous.

People went into the movie with a lot of questions and some of them were answered in the movie, but others were still left in our minds and moreover, a lot more were added. So, coming out of the movie, fans had more questions than what they went to the movie with. The biggest reveal this movie was hiding was the Soul Stone. People had to wait for 18 whole movies before the 6th and the final Infinity Stone that holds a very special place in the pack of 6 was revealed in the 19th movie of the MCU.

The Phase 3 movies that came out especially after Homecoming were thought of possessing the Soul Stone, but as it turned out, neither did Ragnarok, nor Black Panther had the Soul Stone in them. So we had to wait for Avengers: Infinity War to reveal the Stone. Well, for what it was, Avengers: Infinity War was the right time to reveal the stone and we could not have asked for any other way for it.

There were more than a dozen theories for the Soul Stone, prevailing around the net. From the craziest ones like Hawkeye being on the mission to retrieve the Soul Stone, or it being the planet Titan itself, to Soul Stone being lost in space and time were all very popular.

The most popular Soul Stone theory was the Thanos theory, which suggested that all the Infinity Stones are located in 6 things or people or even planets having the initials of every letter of the word THANOS (T- Tesseract, H- ??, A- Aether, N- Necklace, O- Orb, S- Sceptor). So an object or a person having a name starting with ‘H’ could be the key to finding the Soul Stone. This is why Heimdall was believed to be the top contender for the keeper of the Soul Stone.

Avengers: Infinity War – Location of The Soul Stone
Avengers: Infinity War – Location of The Soul Stone


But, recently, the writers of the movie debunked this particular theory. Here’s what Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus aid about this:

McFeely – “That seems fairly random”

Markus – “I don’t think that’s how you go about writing a good script” 

McFeely – “It really isn’t. ‘You know, it’d be great to put the soul stone here but it’s not an O,’ or whatever the hell it is.”

Markus – “We need an O planet.”


The second biggest theory apart from what we got was probably the best one, but the movie went in a different direction and there was no time to explore the movie into that direction. ‘Screenrant’ came up with the theory suggesting that the reason why we don’t know anything about the Soul Stone is that it has been lost for millennia and even in time. This is what could really explain why it has been hidden from everywhere and no one, not even the likes of Heimdall or the Sorcerer Supreme has any idea about the Stone. It is because it was taken out and hidden somewhere in time itself. So, this would make the Time Stone and the Space Stone really crucial to find the Soul Stone.

But since the movie went in a different direction, this theory had to be debunked by the movie as the Soul Stone was found before the time Stone was retrieved from Doctor Strange. At the end, we got the best thing possible. The location of the Soul Stone revealed in the movie, and the way to retrieve it added the right emotion to the movie, and it explained Thanos’ motivation really well.

The Soul Stone was at Vormir. This was predicted by no one but the way it could be retrieved was another theory going around the net. As it turned out, Thanos had previously sent Gamora on a mission to find the Soul Stone and she did, but she lied to Thanos about it. Here, to save Nebula, she had to reveal the location to Thanos, and hence she took him there.

The trailers for Avengers: Infinity War teased the relationship between Thanos and his favorite daughter. So, this gave rise to a particular theory suggesting the reason why the Soul Stone has not appeared till now, is because it requires a big sacrifice of the soul of a loved one, a soul for a soul. This is what happened in the movie as Thanos sacrificed his loved daughter Gamora, the only person he loved in this universe to get the Soul Stone. This scene was really important to build the character of Thanos.

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