10 Superpowers That Supergirl Has But Superman Doesn’t

Supergirl or Kara Zor-El or Kara Danvers is one of the strongest beings on Earth and perhaps, the entire universe.  Her Kryptonian origins give her a plethora of abilities when exposed to a yellow sun. While she most certainly is not the first Kryptonian that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘Super’, she most certainly is unique in her own way. Presenting 10 awesome powers Supergirl has that even Superman doesn’t….

Telepathic Immunity

Depending on the Continuity, both Superman and Super Girl possess telepathic resistance in varied degrees. Superman has had telepathic immunity until this moment in current DC history where it is shown that Clark can succumb to telepathic attacks. Super Girl has yet to show any weaknesses when under psychic assault.

Force Field generation

Force Fields are the domain of Kryptonians too. It’s a telekinetic aura that gives Superman all his abilities. The only difference is no one knows that it is the aura that makes Kal-El Superman. This ability is called Tactile Telekinesis, an ability that is fully manifested Matrix, an alternate reality Super Girl and utilized by Connor Kent, Superman’s clone, to replicate all of his abilities.


Invisibility has already been achieved by the Kryptonian Super Girl Kara Zor-El. She does that by vibrating herself so that light waves pass right through her, just like the Flash. But that is not true invisibility. Matrix, on the other hand, can achieve true invisibility by concentrating really hard due to her unique non-human genetic makeup.

Fastest Kryptonian Alive

Superman and the Flash have had several races. The Flash is clearly faster of the two but those races are sure fun. But the thing I – Superman isn’t the fastest Kryptonian alive. That honor goes to Super Girl. In both the TV Show and the Comic books, Super Girl has consistently outrun Superman and got to places quicker than he ever could.


There’s a reason the Matrix version of Super Girl is featured so many times in the list. Her powers are unique as hell. One of her abilities is her power to control the movement of objects using her mind. She can use that to augment her own strength and create concussive telekinetic blasts.

Sonic Scream

And you thought only Black Canary can do this? Super Girl, on rare occasions can use her super breath for a completely different purpose. She can use the massive amount of air inhaled into her lungs to cry a debilitating scream. The super scream is one other ability Superman does not possess.


Linda Danvers was dying. So Matrix boned with her to create an all new Super Girl. Linda had all of the powers of the previous Super Girl as well as some of her own. Linda Danvers was the reincarnation of the Earth born Angel of Fire. As a result, she could tap into the literal holy flames, giving her flight and devastating fire based offensive abilities.

Shapeshifting ability

The Most Superman has ever done to change his appearance is apply some gel to his hair, put on a pair of glasses and an overcoat. Matrix, the proto plasma life form based Supergirl, can actually change her appearance at will to become anyone she wanted to look like. She wasn’t as accomplished as Martian Manhunter in this department, but she was nonetheless good.

Advanced Close Combat abilities

Supergirl was trained by Kryptonians to be sent to Earth as Clark Kent’s protector. So she had to learn all of Krypton’s martial arts techniques. On Earth too, Kara has trained with the Amazons in hand to hand combat. The Amazons, a warrior race of women themselves, have trained her themselves. If Superman and Super Girl both lose their powers and end up fighting, we all know who will win. Superman only punches and kicks; Super Girl can do that and more.

She is probably stronger than Superman


In the Super Girl TV Show, it is shown that when Superman and Supergirl fought against each other, the latter clearly was the victor. In the comics too, it has been said that Kara can access her full powers the way Clark never can. Even though Clark has been on Earth, exposed to the Yellow Sun for a longer time than Kara has been, she is still stronger than her cousin somehow. It sounds ridiculous on paper but it still means that Supergirl can hit a lot harder than Superman.

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