10 Most Powerful Alien Races of The Arrowverse – Ranked

The Arrowverse has expanded into completely new dimensions since its inception. It no longer includes a few cities or a country. The Arrowverse has been on an expansion spree. Several other sentient non-human, alien races have been featured within its shows. They are so many in numbers that we had to compile a list. Presenting the 10 most powerful alien races of the Arrowverse – Ranked….


The only thing that stops Phorians from going any higher in this list is their pacifist nature. Phorins are peace loving creatures with gifted minds. Phorians are powerful telepaths and telekinetics. Apart from reading and sensing the thoughts of others, their telekinesis can help them fly and cause devastating city wide earthquakes.


Thanagarians of the Arrowverse are extremely limited in numbers. The only ones we know of are Hawk Man and Hawk Girl. In the comics, the Thanagarians have achieved mastery over the Nth Metal, an extremely versatile metal with mystical properties. Hailing from their planet Thanagar, the Thanagarians are also one of the Universe’s most powerful races.



Infernians are walking flamethrowers are nature’s answer to Green Martians. Green Martians are powerful creatures but their weakness is fire. Infernians are a humanoid alien species that have the ability to generate intense heat vision and control all forms of fire apart from the fact that they also possess super strength.



The Durlans have the basic super strength and invulnerability yet they believe victory is achieved not by brute strength but infiltration and espionage. Nature has endowed them with shape shifting abilities and has made them into super spies. In Super Girl, President Olivia Marsdin is actually a Durlan.


The Dominators are a species that are one of the strongest in the Arrowverse. The Dominators epitomize everything bad and evil. They believe in the ends justifying the means strategy. The Dominators have telepathy, mind control, invulnerability and super strength. Their threat was so huge that the entire Arrowverse superhero populace had to band together to stop them.


Daxamites are the sworn enemies of Kyrptonians. Their mutual hatred runs so deep that they even fought an interstellar war that later ended up in a stalemate. The Daxamites have the basic super strength, speed and invulnerability but none of the other fancy superpowers like flight and heat vision. When Krypton was destroyed, the debris of the planet destroyed Daxam too, so you can guess why their hatred is so strong. Mon El doesn’t share that vision though.


Green Martians

The Green Martians have super strength, flight, invulnerability, Density shifting and phasing, super speed, telepathy, telekinesis and a host of other abilities. So suffice it to say, these green bastards are powerful as hell. Their only weakness is fire. While Super Girl portrays the Martian Manhunter as a bit underpowered, in the comics his powers have helped the Justice League defeat villains in more than one occasion.

White Martians

Imagine this –an entire species of Green Martians, one of the most powerful creatures in the DC Universe, were wiped out by a species that mostly dwelt under the surface. White Martians are not just strong, they are freaking strong!!! With abilities like telepathy and super strength and a blood that could turn a green Martian into a white Martian, these guys are not to be trifled with.


The Coluans are an artificial species created by the Kryptonians. They are basically sentient computers that have the ability to procreate by passing digital code. The Coluans have super strength, speed and invulnerability that are on par with Kryptonians. But what makes the Coluans so impressively strong is their ridiculously high intellect.



No specie comes as close to attaining Godhood as a Kryptonian does under a yellow sun. The abilities they possess are enormous and fancier than fiction. Granted there are other more powerful beings like Darkseid and the Anti Monitor. But it only takes a single Kyptonian to stop those guys in their tracks. Another thing that should be noted is the fact that neither Superman not Super Girl ever go all out. Their enemies may be pounding them with all their strength but Superman and Super Girl hold back most of their strength lest they kill someone. Whether it be comics, TV Shows or movies, Kryptonians reign supreme.

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