Top 7 Thrilling Treks In India

Trekking has now become a popular adventure activity. It not only helps you to explore the natural beauty but gives you the time to look into oneself. While trekking, you can actually explore different regions, cultures, people, food and what not. It gives you an exposure to a different world. Trekking has now become a favorite activity and is more of an adventurous thing.

There are so many trekking options in India that one can choose from. However, it completely depends on the duration, i.e. the number of days you can take out to go for this amazing journey. All you need is a backpack, some important stuff and days to travel and you are all set. Be it with a gang, group or all alone, trekking can be real fun.

Here is a list of top 7 thrilling treks in India. Choose your next destination.

1. Singalila Kanchenjunga Trek


You need at least 20 days to cover this amazing trek. This trek includes  Mt Everest (8850m), Makalu (8481m), Lhotse (8516m) and Kanchenjunga (8585m) that are four of the highest five mountains in the World. So, for obvious reasons, this is one of the best treks.

2. Zanskar Frozen River Trek


If you wanna explore the Indian Himalayas, then you have got it. This trek requires approximately 15 days.

3. Markha Valley Trek


Who doesn’t wish to explore Ladakh? This one is quite famous in Ladakh All you need is just 12 days.

4. Darcha to Lamayuru Trek


This one also covers an area of Ladakh and you need good 25 days. You will experience breath-taking spots.

5. Pin Parvati Pass Trek


This is quite a tough trek as it requires you to walk over the glaciers. To experience this amazing trek, you need 18 days.

6. The Shepherd Trail Trek


This one is located right behind Dharamshala and you need to manage 18 days to visit this amazing trek.

7. Hampta Pass Trek


This is another exciting high altitude trek in the Kullu valley.

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