Only For the #1 Superhero Fan – Marvel, DC, Movies, Comics, TV

Do you know…

What did Thanos mother plan to name him before his birth?

Where did Alfred go at the end of The Dark Knight Rises?

What is the name of the X-Men’s spy plane?

We all know just the basics, but only a true superhero fan knows every detail about their heroes. So here is a challenge for every person who claims to be a superhero fan to deal in trivia. Try all our challenges which range from Comics, TV Shows, Movies across the world of both Marvel & DC spanning over collations of Avengers, X-Men, Justice League, Arrowverse and all of your favorite Superheroes (Sony Included).

p.s. : Questions will not be that easy like other stupid quizzes on internet, download if you really are fan.
Every week we will keep adding new challenges to the SQ Platform (Superhero Quizzes). This is strictly for SUPERHERO fans, start the challenge now! 

Here is the link for ANDROID users from play store to start playing the challenge, click on it: SUPERHERO QUIZZES ON ANDROID

Here is the link for iOS users to play the no.1 Superhero Fan Challenge: SUPERHERO QUIZZES ON IPHONE

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