Super-Sunday Funday: Krrish vs The Flash

Krrish vs The Flash: Who Would Win and Why?

This match up if we take it seriously is pretty even. Krrish has now become the most popular superhero in India and has fame throughout the world too. The Flash, on the other hand, is the fastest man alive and Krrish is also as fast as a speedster, if the two end up in a battle, the fight is going to be pretty tough, and actually a lot of fun to witness. Let’s analyze both the heroes and find out who will be the ultimate winner.


Krrish vs The Flash

Krishna Mehra was blessed with super powers right from his birth. His father Rohit Mehra gained his powers from an alien and his powers were transferred to Krrish.

Krishna is immensely powerful and his set of abilities include superhuman strength, superhuman speed, stamina, endurance and durability, longevity, peak physical and mental conditioning, immunity to diseases and viruses. He has a very high intellect, just like his father. He is so strong that he might be able to match the Man of Steel himself. God save who tries to take him on in a fight.


Krrish vs The Flash

“My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive”. Barry Allen is a Forensics scientist and works at the Central City Police Department. He got his powers when he was struck by lightning while working in his lab. He is the Scarlett Speedster who is the watchful protector of Central City.

The set of powers he possesses are Superhuman Speed, Accelerated human physiology and a very fast metabolism that allows him to heal very fast, Body vibration so quick that he can phase through objects and generate electricity which allows him to do lightning attacks. He runs so fast that he can travel through time and break the space time Continuum.

The Scarlett Speedster VS The Indian Superboy

Krrish vs The Flash
Krrish vs The Flash

The Flash is one of the best Superheroes to have ever existed and Krrish is probably the strongest Indian Superhero. If the two were to end up in a fight, the brawl is going to be really long, and way too fast. Both of them possess super speed but Flash is much faster than Krrish. He can phase through or dodge his attacks, reply with lighting bolts. Krrish, on the other hand, possesses flight and superhuman strength along with speed, so once he catches hold of the Flash, he would not be able to survive the blows of Krrish.

So, the final conclusion is that Flash could emerge victorious if he manages to phase through every single attack of Krrish, but if he gives even one chance to the Indian superboy, he would be smuthered. So, Krrish would probably be the ultimate winner of this duel.

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