Ant-Man and The Wasp: 5 New Major Characters to Look Out for

When you thought that the Marvel juggernaut would take rest before going on a roll to break some more records, the upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp puts that thought to rest. The recent star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War has left no stone unturned in decimating previously held movie records. But even before the last embers of Marvel’s magnum opus have died out, Marvel is ready with the sequel to Ant-Man, which will feature some major Marvel characters.

Ant-Man followed the story of Scott Lang, a brilliant MIT grad electrical engineer, who was jailed for robbery. In a heist to get some large score, Lang came across a specially designed suit, which was created by the legendary scientist Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man. In a twist of events, Scott Lang finds himself in jail once again, only to be rescued by Hank Pym himself. As the events unfold, Lang trains to control the suit and other ants, thus saving the day by defeating Yellowjacket.

Scott Lang also became a part of Team Captain America in the events of Captain America: Civil War, which resulted in imprisonment, once again. Surprisingly, Ant-Man was not a part of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when Thanos attacked. The upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp will follow the events preceding Infinity War, and will hopefully shed some light on Ant-Man’s lack of involvement in the war.

Ant-Man and The Wasp is also going to be a treat for long time comic book fans, as 5 major characters will be making their debut in the film alongside the fan-favourite Luis. Here, we have compiled these major Marvel characters.

 1. Jimmy Woo 

In the second season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent May dropped an easter egg when her contact list had the number of Jimmy Woo. While Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. sidetracked that information completely, fortunately, Ant-Man and The Wasp will be incorporating the former FBI agent who became a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Jimmy Woo will most probably monitor Scott Lang, who was put under house arrest after the events of Civil War.

Jimmy Woo has been in the comics since 1956, and his presence on the silver screen is going to make some hardcore comic-book fans quite happy. Randal Parker will be portraying the role of Woo, who is known for his comedic roles. His comedic timing will probably gel easily with the characters Scott Lang and Luis, making the movie a laughter fest. Hopefully, Parker will be able to ‘Woo’ the fans this time.

2. Bill Foster

Bill Foster made his debut in the comics back in 1966 with several alter egos like Goliath, Black Goliath and Giant-Man. As the former assistant to Hank Pym on Project Goliath, Bill Foster will be making his debut on Ant-Man and The Wasp.

As Goliath, Foster can grow to humongous size, which also grants him immense strength. In the movie, Scott Lang and his allies will probably seek his help to defeat the antagonist, or, to find a way out of the Quantum Realm. Bill Foster will be portrayed by Laurence Fishburne, who has previously worked as Perry White in Man of Steel and Justice League.

3. Sonny Burch

Sonny Burch is a recent addition to the Marvel Comics, as he made his debut back in 2003. Although Burch didn’t really live long to become a major antagonist, his connection to Cross Technology gives his movie counterpart a chance to shine. In Ant-Man, Darren Cross aka Yellowjacket dies, leaving Cross Technology in shambles. The introduction of Burch is a clever play, as he focuses once again on Pym Particles. It’s yet to be seen whether his eyes on the Pym Technology is just for the age-old corporate rivalry or for some sinister purposes.

Sonny Burch will be played by the talented Walton Goggins, who has proved his mettle numerous times in the past. With such a skilled actor in the set, it won’t be surprising to see Burch become a recurring villain in the upcoming movies too.

4. Ghost

Ghost was first introduced as a villain of Iron Man. Having access to some serious futuristic gadgets, Ghost is one of the most dangerous villains Iron Man has encountered. This time, it will be Ant-Man, who will be facing Ghost, instead of Stark.

In Ant-Man and The Wasp, Ghost will be seen in a gender swap role, as Hannah John-Kamen is cast for the role. As per the trailer, it’s also known that Ghost has the ability to phase through matter, thanks to Pym technologies.

Ghost’s real motives are quite unclear so far, but it might be related to the Quantum Realm, which can make her a great addition to Marvel’s recently found streak of great antagonists.

5. Janet Van Dyne

Contrary to popular belief, Steve Rogers is not really the founding member of The Avengers. According to the comic-books, it was Wasp, who founded The Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And finally, she will be making her big debut in Ant-Man and The Wasp.

In the first movie, it was established that Van Dyne married Hank Pym, who later on gave birth to Hope van Dyne. In an attempt to disable a Soviet nuclear missile, van Dyne overrode her regulator, disappearing into the Quantum Realm forever. But in the upcoming sequel, Hank Pym, Scott Lang and Hope will be trying to bring her out of the Quantum Realm.

Ant-Man and The Wasp

Michelle Pfeiffer will be portraying the role of the actual first Avenger in the movie. Wasp’s return at this point of time will be crucial, as she has spent decades in the quantum realm all by herself, which must have affected her in some way or the other. And if she will actually manage to come back, where was she when Thanos attacked the planet?

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