5 Movies That Made People Leave Theater

Watching a movie means watching someone’s imagination, their story. It’s not the everytime you will like the story line sometimes it is unbearable for you to watch the whole movie. Here are 5 controversial movies that made you leave the theater.

1) The Lion King

The Lion King is an animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation. Children’s around the world was traumatized by this movie. The stampede scene was so much harrowing that youngsters had to be removed from the theater and calmed down in the lobby.

2) 127 Hours

127 Hours is based on the True story. This movie is a survival drama film directed Danny Boyle. The film has a lot of unsettling moments, and it’s not easy to watch mountaineer Ralston’s struggle to survive when he got entrapped in the Cynon. The escape is brutal to both see and hear.

3) The Exorcist

The Exorcist is undoubtedly ranked as the scariest film of all time, after more than forty years of its release in theaters, the film is just as scary today as it ever was. The Movie is about a 12-year-old girl who becomes possessed by the demonic spirit Pazuzu and the attempts by her mother and two priests to win her back through an exorcism. Some religious groups didn’t approve of the way the subject matter was handled on screen and launched a protest against it.

4) The Blair Witch Project


The Blair Witch Project is a psychological horror film directed by Daniel Myrick. The movie has made almost $250 million worldwide, even though a good portion of the audience can’t watch it without getting motion sickness.

5) Avatar

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Avatar is a science fiction film directed by James Cameron. People had a lot of expectations from Cameron, every movie he makes take us somewhere new, the director has his own style. The movie exploded at the box office. But not everyone enjoyed watching it.

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