Marvel Comics Update: This Hybrid Superhero Will Blow Your Mind

The relaunch of Marvel comics is bringing in many new and interesting factors into the mix. Recently, it was revealed that the individual that we knew as Silver Surfer has become Marvel’s new God of Thunder. Along with that, Frank Castle aka The Punisher is now the Ghost Rider. All this is set up in a future story arc thousands of years ahead of where Thanos has defeated the entire Marvel Universe now he is the King, and his new attack dog is the one who used to be ‘The Incredible Hulk’!

Extremely strange! Now, in a comic storyline that is far away from that horrific future, a new character has made his debut in the Marvel comics. In Avengers: No Surrender issue number 684, the Red Hulk has donned the Iron Patriot suit and he has become ‘Iron Hulk’. The Iron Hulk will now take on the Immortal Hulk.

Robert Maverick is the new version of Red Hulk in the Iron Patriot suit, and he has even held the “Hulk Moniker” in the past, so this new comic book hybrid is something totally new for the Marvel fans. Maverick became the Red Hulk in the 2017 series, alongside a new Iron Patriot in ‘U.S. Avengers’, and he is a 4 Star Aging General, taking the reins from General Thunderbolt Ross. Unlike Ross, Maverick is able to keep his mustache when he transforms into the Red Goliath, and he does that with the help of an implant that allows him to Hulk out for an hour. He is one of the big characters in this new comic series, and we are surely going to see a giant slugfest in the next comic issue.

In this comic series, the Earth has been apprehended as a part of a Cosmic game going on between The Challanger and the Grand Master. This has caused the Avengers to battle other forces, and doing so, they have lost two superheroes, Red Wolf and Human Torch. Now they have to face an even worse situation as the Hulk is alive has showed up on The Challanger’s side and has charged into Avengers’ secret base, forcing Maverick to transform into the Red Hulk.

Well, as we all know, this version of Red Hulk is not as strong as The Giant Green Rage monster that we mostly enjoy and according to Maverick’s partner Toni Ho, he cannot beat The Hulk even “on his best day”. So taking this into consideration and realizing his own power levels, the Red Hulk dons Toni Ho’s Iron Patriot suit and makes a grand entrance after The Hulk has easily taken down Cannonball and Living Lightning. Now, it seems that with this new upgrade, Maverick will surely have enough power to hold his own against the Green Goliath and possibly even beat him.

Well the next comic issue will show us a giant battle between these two and we may even see the demise of Maverick since he was warned that his “hulk outs” are getting shorter and weakening his heart. So a battle against the Hulk could be fatal for him, but if he does turn out to be the winner, then the Iron Hulk will get even more popular in the Marvel Universe than the Red Hulk ever was. The reason why we know that he can stand the Hulk now is that we have also seen him battle a Hulked out Deadpool even without the Iron Patriot suit, and he emerged victorious out of that, so we cannot wait to see this colossal Slug fest.

A version of Hulk wearing an Iron Man armour does seem to be a little coincidental at this time since Avengers: Infinity War is less than two months away, and we have heard the rumours that this time around, it is going to be Bruce Banner aka the Hulk that is going to don the Hulkbuster armour in the Seige of Wakanda. Many theories and marketing features have suggested this to be true, so Marvel is probably getting us ready for seeing Hulk getting his own suit of armor.

Avengers: Infinity War will open on April 27.

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