The Latest Avengers Poster Points To Iron Man’s Sacrifice

As the marketing kicks up for the final time before the release of infinity war, Marvel is using every tool in its arsenal to drive up the hype for the next Avengers movie. Owing to that statement we were met by this tweet from the Russo brother’s Twitter account that predicted the arrival of infinity war’s second trailer.

This was then further amplified by the fact that along with the final trailer for infinity war the fans also receive a poster with almost the entire cast of Avengers infinity war. The problem with a movie on the scale of infinity war is giving each character essential screen time. But it seems that the poster released by Marvel was meant to showcase iron Man, who seems only second to Thanos.


The poster itself is a collection of heroes with iron Man smack in the middle. While some fans consider this as a showcase for Robert Downey Jr’s I am Iron Man moment that kick-started the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other fans have theorized that the position of Iron Man on the poster and his posture are setting up iron Man to sacrifice himself just like Jesus did.

So you have all the evidence at hand and you’ve read the speculation. But does the theory have any steam? That is what we are seeking to examine. In the trailer we see it on Man battle the mad Titan yet and again, formulating and reformulating plan in a collision with the guardians of the Galaxy to take down Thanos. But despite all of it on Man’s best efforts the infinity war trailer confirms that Thanos does reach Wakanda in search of the infinity stones.

Although The Mad Titan only seems to acquire three of the six infinity Stone it highly likely that all the remain three vis a vis, Aether (reality stone) Vision’s headpiece (mind stone) and the Soul Stone are all in Waknda and Wakanda is where the Earth’s mightiest heroes will make their final stand.

It his also important, however, to establish that how did the mad titan reach the gates of Wakanda and where did he acquire the space and the power stone. As it stands now, it seems that Thanos’ first move will be to acquire control over Xandar and aim for the Power stone in Xandar’s vault. This is where the Guardians and the Asgardians come in. Right next to Iron Man and the Nova corps defending the very first Infinity stone (power stone) on Thanos’ list. The mere fact that Thanos is moving as he does, now of all times, for all the infinity stones is evidence enough to gauge the severity of the situation.

It seems that after Gamora’s warning, Iron Man decides that it will be prudent to make a stand against Thanos on Xandar alongside the Guardians and Thor. A couple of big guns alongside a race of warriors (Asgardians) might be exactly what it takes to defeat Thanos. But Iron Man is wrong. As we witness in the trailer, not only iron man’s suit burns but even powerhouses like Thor, the god of Thunder are at the mercy of the mad titan.

This feature was readily apparent from the trailer and showcased how the bleeding edge suit burns alongside the will of Thor and other heroes. Given these facts, it seems prudent to mention that all of these.

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