Here’s Why Justice League Fans Are Drooling Over Steppenwolf

Justice League was supposed to be this huge blockbuster that WB desperately needed from the biggest DC movie they produced, but it even failed to make a profit for the studios. It was yet another DC movie that was liked by the fans but thrashed by the critics.  The fans came out happy after the movie as the movie had a tonal difference as it was light-hearted.

It was DC’s latest entry in their shared Universe and it picked up the pieces left by Batman v Superman where Man of Steel died in the end after sustaining critical wounds fighting Doomsday (a monster) released by the Lex Luthor. But it was just a beginning as a larger threat of Darkseid looming large upon the world. Batman along with Wonder Woman began to assemble an elite team of superheroes who possess special skills to fight a supervillain named Steppenwolf who has been awakened by the events.

He is a military general of Darkseid who wants to restore dark ages and for that, he is coming to collect one of the most powerful objects in DC Universe i.e. the mother boxes. Along with him, there is an army of parademons approaching to destroy the planet and the only ones standing are the members of Justice League. But all in all, Steppenwolf was a pretty generic villain and he came out to be one of the worst comic book villains ever put on the screen.

Justice League is not a movie that you can watch more than twice or maybe thrice, but here’s a reason which will make you watch the movie yet again, or maybe this article turns you away from watching it ever again.  Very surprisingly, that reason comes from the worst part of the movie, which was Steppenwolf. The most recent Easter Egg spotted in the combo movie of Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder is a quick shot which explicitly portrays nudity on the part of Steppenwolf. A fan spotted the tall villains ‘Ass’ and the internet has gone crazy over it. Here, have a look if you want to because it is funny as hell!

This moment of nudity can be seen in the third act of the movie during the final battle between the Justice League and Steppenwolf.

In the scene, the Justice League tries to keep Steppenwolf way from the Mother Boxes while Cyborg tries to split them apart and save the entire planet.

Steppenwolf goes to stop Cyborg after knocking Wonder Woman and Aquaman down, but Wonder Woman does not give up and grabs his leg with her Lasso and brings him down. In order to prevent that, Steppenwolf tries to hang on getting his axe stuck on the ground, and it is that moment that we get to see the Alien Wolf’s bare naked butt!

Steppenwolf was already a big joke for the viewers as he has been made fun of on many aspects such as his face, him being a very dedicated mother lover, his hilarious goatee, him literally crying like a baby after being defeated by the league, and now his big butt flashing on the screen and being noticed by the people. At this point, even Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin feels like a better villain because he made those 100s of Ice Puns intentionally and Steppenwolf made a mockery of himself trying to be a fierce warrior!

By this time, all the fans would be wishing that why did WB had to ruin the first-ever ensemble of DC’s biggest characters. There are so many villains for the Justice League to face in DC’s rich comic lore, and they chose Steppenwolf! Unfortunately, now the plans for a sequel might just be dead and we would never get to see the League team up on the big screen, at least for the next 5-6 years. Hopefully, the new people who have helmed things in the DC Comics department at WB do justice to the upcoming movies.

The Upcoming movie slate of DC includes – Aquaman, coming out on December 21, 2018, Shazam! coming out on April 5, 2019, and Wonder Woman 2 coming out on November 1, 2019.

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