10 Team-Ups That Need To Happen On The Big Screen

Some characters in the movies make their mark so deep in our hearts that we end up loving them with all our hearts. But sometimes these characters tend to be so similar in their traits that we can’t help imagining the two just teaming up for a movie. So, let’s just imagine character team-ups of individuals that will never actually happen, but will totally rock if we ever got to see them together in a movie.

John Wick and The Punisher 

The Punisher is Marvel’s most beloved Anti-hero and Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of the character was loved by everyone who ended up watching it. John Wick is a character that is also loved for his ability to kill, and there cannot be a more killer and brutal pair than these two! If these two ever team up, they could very well take out an army of people and we would see a hell lot of guns and bullets come into use!

Deadpool and Harley Quinn


If you think there cannot be a crazier pair than Joker and Harley, then you are totally wrong because I would kill to watch Deadpool and Harley’s love story and Superhero Team up on the big screen. This would be a whole lot of crazy mixed with a whole lot of sexiness, and the two would kick so many asses together and make us all die with laughter at the same time.

Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt

The only characters who are as cool and kick-ass as Superheroes are spies! We have seen multiple Spy characters in Hollywood and have ended up liking almost all of them. What if we had the liberty to pair two of them together? A pair of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) and Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) would just be the right combination if we want to see some awesome spy gadgets being used, some mind blowing stunts happen and a lot of butts whipped in a movie.

Batman and Black Panther

Two characters cannot get more similar than these individuals. The King of Wakanda and the Prince of Gotham, two insanely rich folks pooling in their top-notch brains, out of the world tech, armory, suits and gadgets, and most of all, their combat skills would just be a dream come true if we get to watch this in a movie. Add Tony Stark to make a trio and they would just be unbeatable!

Superman and Hancock


Well, there can’t be a super-powered pair any better than this. If these two ever unite, it would be a nightmare for the ones who oppose them. Superman would keep Hancock in check to see if he doesn’t go too wild, while Hancock will see that no one is able to make evil use of Superman’s good intentions. The pair would form the right amount of hope and harshness together!

Terminator and Cyborg


The two Cybernetic organisms will just be the perfect pair when it comes to tech. An alien technology teaming up with future tech would just be the fir we want to see, as Cyborg will bring the right amount of human emotions into the mix while the Terminator will be there to make the hard choices and complete the mission.

Thanos and Darth Vader


Two ultimate villains of two hugely successful and mind-blowing Universes would just be too big for anyone to handle. The Mad Titan and Supreme Leader would conquer the unlimited number of Galaxies together and form the true most evil duo we have ever seen. The Force and the Infinity Stones mixed together, just imagine all kinds of havoc that can be wreaked by these two!

Nick Fury and Amanda Waller

Oh boy, this will just be awesome! These two are going to assemble a team that is invincible! If these two pool in their strategic brains and resources, Earth is in very good hands. Nick Fury will make sure that Amanda stays in check while Amanda will make sure that Fury is not way over his head. The team that they’ll form will certainly be a mix of good and bad forming the mix that we’d love!

Black Widow and Black Canary

These two individuals would be able to blend in any situation they face. The canary cry mixed with the gadgets of Widow, the Spy skills mixed with the street-smart and the combat abilities they use put in together can take any opponent down.

Wolverine and Lobo


These two are certainly going to be the best pair when it comes to one liners. Two guys with big attitudes, the ability to curse a lot and take down any opponent who faces them would just be awesome to see. It would be really fun to watch these two be involved in a bar fight, and later after they have killed everyone, they’ll just sit there smoking some cigars and drinking all the booz!        

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