5 Long Lost Relatives of Famous Superheroes

Comic books sure have a vast and uncertain universe, due to which there are a lot of times when long lost relatives of the main superheroes appear. Here is a list of some such long lost relatives that appear later in the comics and have some significant roles:

Ellie Camacho

Deadpool sure has had a lot of flings, the dude simply can’t keep his business in his pants. The Guy, due to one of his such endeavors later got to know that he had a daughter, named Ellie Camacho, who he saved from the U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. Since after that sh has been someone to comfort Deadpool, is a comic regular and lives with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Nyssa Al’ Ghul


Nyssa is the step sister of Talia Al’ Ghul. The woman is Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter and was born in the 18th century. Ra’s left her to die in one of the concentration camps in Germany. She survives though, due to her own Lazarus Pit, and returns. Later she kills Ra’s and takes over the league with her step sister.

The Mongrels

Wolverine is known to get down and dirty a lot of times. The mutant has been seen getting busy multiple times with many women, resulting in having a lot of kids. He even had to fight some of his kids a lot of times.  One such case was there where he had to fight the Mongrels — Fire Knives, Gunhawk, Cannon Foot, Saw Fist and Shadowstalker. He kills them all, learning later that they were his children. Moreover, they were trained since their childhood to fight and eventually lose to Wolverine. To scar him emotionally and mentally.


Kara Zor- El was a long lost relative of Superman. She originally was the elder cousin amongst the two, but her pod got knocked off midway and she came to Earth a few years later than Superman. hence, when she came she was now younger to the Man of Steel.  She is always shown to be a strong yet brash character.

Damian Wayne

This came as a shock to Batman when Ra’s Al Ghul is apparently killed by Deathstroke and Talia’ Al Ghul his daughter feels incompetent to save her son from the one-eyed assassin, she brings him to Gotham. And a soon to be a teenager, Damian Wayne first meets his father, the Batman. Not just that but the genetically enhanced kid later becomes Robin.

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