5 Most Brutal Super Villains In Comic Book World

The comic book world has many super villains, but how much do we know about it. Thankfully the comic book world is simplified into Marvel and DC and it is easy for us to segregate their tales. Super villains are known to inflict pain, destruction of properties and cause mayhem wherever they go. Today will also be turning the pages of traditionally come book world and will bring you some dark bad boys. Here are the five most deadly super villains of the comic book universe.

1. Deathstroke

It is not easy to cross one if the dangerous assassins of DC Universe. His advanced combatant ability, strong marksmanship, and super strength make him an unbeatable mercenary. Thanks to the experimental serum. He may be blind in one eye, but he can beat the crap out of his enemies very well.

2. Thanos

Thanos first appeared in Iron Man #55 in1973 and is the strongest Eternal in the universe. He is obsessed with death and is strong that he killed all the superheroes individually in a storyline. Moreover, he is so dead that he killed billions of people in one flick.   

3. Darkseid 

Created by Jack Kirby Darkseid first appeared in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 in1970) and  Forever People #1 in 1971. He is one of the most powerful beings who is also the ruler of the planet Apokolips. Taking over the whole universe and destroying the free will to live have always been his prime mottos. He is considered one of the prime antagonists in the world of DC.

4. Redskull

Created by Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, and France Herron, Redskull first appeared in Captain America Comics #7 in 1941. He is known as an archenemy of Captain America. His quest for global domination goes to unquestionable lengths and possess the super strength, super agility and is an expert hand-to-hand combatant.

5. Bullseye

Most Brutal Villains

Created by Marv Wolfman and John Romita Sr., Bullseye first appeared in Daredevil #131 in 1976.  He is generally being masterminded by Kingpin to do wrong stuff around. One of his merciless moments appeared when he brutally murdered Elektra. Well, he finds pleasure in killing everybody.

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