The New Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot Is Out And Here’s The Breakdown

This year’s Super Bowl brought in a lot of goodies for us, and one of the biggest spots out of all we go was the Avengers: Infinity War TV spot that took the world by storm. Fans all over the world have cheered and celebrated this new look at the most anticipated movie of this year. Infinity War is just 3 months away, and for some, it is even less, so we just can’t wait for the movie. Here’s the breakdown of the new spot.

Right into the trailer, we get a shot of Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man who is wearing his Iron Spider suit in this scene. They are standing in a ship, and the Ship looks like the one we saw in the first trailer which was round, circular and huge, and revealed right before we got a look at Peter Parker and his Spider-sense. This scene would probably be in the aftermath of a scene that is later shown on the spot.

Next, we get a look at Scarlett Witch and Vision who is in his human form and has been living with Wanda after the events of Civil War. Wanda seems to be using her powers on the mind stone that is obviously there in Vision’s head. The scenes change and we get a quick shot at the Guardians – Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax and Mantis who are probably entering the Collector’s Vault. This scene connects with the scene that was leaked a while ago, where we hear the Collector being tortured by Thanos who is there to get the Aether from him.


Then there’s a quick shot of Tony possibly meeting Banner for the first time since two years in the Sanctum Sanctorum where Banner crashed in the first trailer and was confronted by Doctor Strange and Wong. Next up we get a look at Thor riding in the Milano alongside Rocket, Groot and the other Guardians. This scene was shown in the Comic-Con trailer as well. Then we get a look at Loki who is on some Ship and still may be kneeling to whoever is on that ship, Thanos or someone from the Black Order.

Then we get a shot at Spider-Man who is on the ship described above. He probably went there to defend the people as soon as he spotted the ship in New York in the first trailer. We the ship rising towards space and Spidey removes his mask as he is sort of afraid of heights.


Next, we get a look at Cap and Nat and here Vision has united with them and looks kind of worn off as is he came from a fight. This could be after the scene where Corvus Glaive tried to rip off the Infinity gem out of his head, and clearly, Vision survived that fight as he might have been saved by Cap himself.


Then we get a closer look at Cap’s new gauntlets that turn into a Shield and are probably made up of Vibranium since he is in Wakanda. Next up we get a tease at Tony’s new Iron Man armor that has been teased and predicted for quite a while, as it shapes itself around Tony’s body in a way that we have never seen before. We also get a quick look at teenage Groot.

Then we get our first look at Nebula from this movie and she is ready for battle having a sort of Taser weapon. Her surroundings look to be totally devastated, which makes us think that she is in Xander fighting against Thanos or any other member of the Black Order who has come to retrieve the power gem which was left there in the first Guardians movie.

Then we have another look at the siege happening in Wakanda and Thanos’ new army is probably being led by Cull Obsidian. Then we have quick shots at Black Widow who is riding along with some Wakandan soldiers, and Bucky is back with his new arm and is totally battle ready. Then towards the end, we see Doctor Strange casting a spell and Iron Man flying into the scene in his new suit and is probably going to use that spell as an offensive maneuver. This scene is probably during the early parts of the movie when Tony unites with Doctor Strange, Wong and Banner. The trailer then ends with the money shot which we saw in the first trailer where all the Avengers are running together for battle and a smirky look from the Mad Titan Thanos!

Here’s the new Big Game TV Spot. Have a look:

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