Legends of Tomorrow Extended Trailer: Prepare For A War of Magic!!

An extended trailer for the midseason premiere Legends of Tomorrow shows us what’s to come in the upcoming episode. A War of Magic and Witchcraft is about to happen people. John Constantine (played by Matt Ryan) will soon find himself in the crosshairs of Damien Darhk (played by Neal McDonough), the Arrowverse’s Sorcerer Supreme and his daughter Nora (Courtney Ford). The three will engage in a magical warfare as the threat of the evil entity known only as Mallus (voiced by Fringe’s John Noble) looms over the horizon. After Super Girl takes its midseason break, The CW plans to air DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s second half of season 3 starting with the mid-season premiere on the Monday time slot of the network.

The season 1 and 2 of Legends of Tomorrow mostly dealt with the Legends dealing with anachronisms within the timeline. Anachronisms were events in the past that weren’t supposed to happen in the first place as detailed by the history books. After defeating the threat of Vandal Savage in Season 1, the Legends again faced the Legion of Doom in season 2.

Damien Darhk, Eobard Thawne, and Malcolm Merlyn were more than a match for the Legends until the Legends used the Spear of Destiny to change reality back to normal. The Legion of Doom was defeated but the aftermath of the event saw a ripple effect through the time stream, one of the gigantic proportions. The Legends no longer face anachronisms but Time aberrations. Aberrations are basically Anachronisms taken too far.

Add to that the threat of Damien Darhk and his crazy sorceress daughter Nora, who are worshipping the entity known as Mallus. The father-daughter duo is hell-bent on destabilizing the timeline by escalating the aberration that the Legends are sworn to correct. It is all a cauldron of trouble that the Legends will soon see spilling sooner rather than later, if you ask me.

Damien Darhk used to be dead. He was resurrected by his own daughter using mystical means. She was helped by the mysterious supernatural entity known as Mallus, a force so strong that not even the Time Bureau, the highest authority when it comes to the time stream, could contain.

The CW network has released an extended trailer for the upcoming mid-season premiere. Several scenes that weren’t in the original trailer are shown in the video. Nick is using Snart’s Cold Gun; Sara is in a strange dimension of sorts with Mallus and there’s also a colonial-era sword fight. Here is the extended trailer:

The trailer also confirms the return of John Constantine to the Legends of Tomorrow show. His two-part episodic arc within the second half of the show’s season 3 was confirmed last October. Constantine reminds Sara that it was he who brought her back from her state of bloodlust after she was resurrected using the Lazarus Pit in season 4 of Arrow.

Constantine claims Sara’s ordeal with the afterlife has led to a Demon knowing her name. A possessed woman with demonic red eyes is shown in the trailer in the later scenes. Constantine needs to perform an exorcism on the said woman and he needs the Legends’ help to do so.

Arrowverse show-runner Marc Guggenheim claims the next episode will definitely bring the Legends in a direct confrontation with Mallus. Up until now, Mallus has been shown scantily within the season. We hope that will change with the mid-season premiere. The can only guard the element of mystery surrounding him for so long. Wally West and Rip Hunter are also set to return to the Waverider. Wally will be specifically recruited so that the team can have able (meta-human) hands on deck to fight the threat of Mallus.

With Victor Garber dead and Jax leaving the team, the Legends are truly underhanded. What’s more is that the Legends only have one actual meta-human in the team, Nate Heywood aka Steel. Firestorm is gone but Kid Flash is a comin’. With a speedster in their midst, the Legends will actually have a gun powerful enough to shot Mallus in the chest. Or will they??

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on Monday February 12th, 2018 at 8 P.M ET on The CW network. Will the Legends finally meet Mallus? More importantly, will the Legends be strong enough to best the most powerful supernatural entity the world has ever seen? Stay tuned to find out.

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