Legends of Tomorrow: Constantine TV Series Easter Egg Teased!!!

Mallus is getting more and more powerful by the day. Not even the Time Bureau, the organization at the forefront of protecting the timeline from the gravest of threats is capable enough to stop them. Rip Hunter’s previous team, the outcast group of rebel time travelers called the Legends of Tomorrow are the Bureau’s best bet. And even they are short handed and under-equipped for stopping Mallus.

As Mallus amasses power and followers in the background, the Legends are screaming “Man Down” at the top of their lungs. The Crisis on Earth X crossover event put the heroes of the Arrowverse against the combined onslaught of a Nazi Earth X, an alternate reality Earth here Germany won the world war. During their time on Earth X, Professor Martin Stein aka one half of the nuclear-powered superhero Firestorm was killed after being caught in the crossfire while trying to escape. As a result, Jax, who considered Stein as no less than a father figure to him, was completely devastated and decided to leave the team (for now). Without Firestorm, the Legends are down to only one actual metahuman on the team. How will the Legends battle Mallus if even their own house isn’t in order?

Enter John Constantine. Seconds after Jax boarded off the Waverider, an unwelcome guest greets Sarah Lance while she is closing the Cargo Bay. A certain foul-mouthed wizard with a thick British accent has sneaked into the Time Travelling ship. And it is none other than John Constantine. He has come to the Legends for help on one of his cases. For the meanwhile, the question of dealing with Mallus will have to wait. John Constantine has come to the Legends for help when one of his own cases goes awry. He was exorcising a girl within a mental hospital when the case suddenly blew out of proportions. So he decides to enlist another group of ragtag crazies into the mix and deal with the problem for good. Enter The Legends of Tomorrow.

A recent social media post from the show’s writers reveal the revival of a massive augmented reality Easter Egg regarding the short-lived Constantine TV Series. The Easter Egg coincides with the guest appearance of Matt Ryan, the guy who plays John Constantine on the TV screens, in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 3.

The British Demonologist from hell first appeared as a sideshow on Swamp Thing during Alan Moore’s run. His character became so popular that DC decided to give him his own comic book series. The Hellblazer series of comic books are considered as one of the most sacred comic book scriptures in the history of comic book scriptures. John Constantine’s dark and gritty TV show wasn’t much of a TRP turner but it did turn into a cult classic. So when the Show was canceled, it broke many hearts. John Constantine then appeared in the Arrowverse. In the Arrow season3 Episode “Haunted”, he helps Oliver Queen revive Sarah Lance back to her former self and quench the inner bloodlust inside her after her corpse is reanimated using the Lazarus Pit.

The augmented reality Easter egg was revealed by Legends of Tomorrow writer via their Twitter account. The image depicts a scarp piece of paper with a number written on it. While the number doesn’t seem much at first glance, diehard fans of the Constantine TV show will realize it is the number on John Constantine’s Business Card.

The fans have already tried calling that number before. When they did, a surly John would greet them with the message of contacting Alec Holland (The Swamp Thing) and “try the bloody swamp”. The message was later changed to – John Constantine doing the one thing he does best – cursing the hell out of people who tried to call him, unintentionally or otherwise. With Matt Ryan as Constantine returning to the Arrowverse for a 2 part episodic arc, maybe The CW will again change the message for the amusement of fans.

Legends of Tomorrow

Constantine may only be a small part of the Arrowverse but he is a big part of DC Comics. The CW realized that and is launching an animated Constantine TV Series. Not only have that, with the news of a possible lived action Justice League Dark movie in the pipeline, the stage is set for John Constantine’s epic comeback to the screens, both big and small.

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