Top 10 Flash Characters Ranked According To Their Popularity

CW’s The Flash is probably the best TV show that is currently running. All four seasons the show has aired, we have seen high ratings throughout. So many characters, Superheroes, and Supervillains have appeared on the show that we have now lost count of it. Well, there are many dc comics famous characters that we have in the flash family like Linda Park, Tina McGee, Super Speed, Gorilla Grodd , Jay Garrick, Iris West, Bart Allen etc. Still, the main core characters have become really popular among the fans as they have grown to love them throughout the series. Here are 10 flash characters ranked according to their popularity among fans.

10. Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man

Flash Characters

A rather new entry into the show, Hartley Sawyer plays Ralph Dibny on the show. Dibny was a private investigator and is now part of Team Flash as he gained Metahuman abilities through the Dark Matter exposure on the bus he was traveling in. Being a Meta he has now become the Elongated Man and has grown a lot of popularity among the fans since he is literally indestructible and probably the funniest of all characters currently in the show.

9. Wally West aka Kid-Flash

Flash Characters

Wally West has been on the show since season 2 and people have grown to like him since he becomes a speedster we are very familiar with. Keiynan Lonsdale plays Kid Flash aka Wally West on the show. he was a great addition to the show as we now get to see two speedsters take on crime in Central City.

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8. Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash

Flash Characters

One of the biggest foes of The Flash, Reverse Flash was a big factor in making this show successful in the first place. Eobard Thawne plays a big part in the first season and had a remarkable story arc. People loved the way his character was handled on the show, and this popularity gave rise to his appearance on the Legends of Tomorrow as well.

7. Clifford Devoe aka The Thinker

Flash Characters

Flash’s latest big bad is totally different from what he has faced till now. He has the smartest brain in the entire multiverse and will prove to be the biggest villain Flash has ever faced till now. He may not be as powerful as a speedster but having a brain like his, he stays 20 steps ahead of the fastest man alive. Played by Neil Joseph William Sandilands, Devoe has grown to become one of the best characters in this season.

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6. Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom

Zoom is probably the best villain Flash will ever face as he was surely the most impactful villain of the entire series. Played by Teddy Sears, Zoom had an amazing origin and was able to trick the Flash at every move, and was a total bad ass throughout. The villains wont get better than him, that’s for sure.

5. Joe West

Flash Characters

Joe West is Barry’s adopted dad, as well as his father in law. He is portrayed as the best father anyone could ever have as he is the motivating factor for the Flash and the other two kids of his at every step of their life. Along with that, he is a kick-ass detective. Played by Jesse L Martin, Joe stands at no. 5 among the fan popularity.

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4. Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost

Caitlin is not only popular among the fans because of what she does on the show, but also because she is the sexiest woman on the show. Danielle Panabaker is not just good as Caitlin, she’s pretty frosty and impactful as Killer Frost. Fans have grown to love both her characters, where one is an amazing scientist while other is a literal Killer-Meta!

3. Cisco Ramon aka Vibe

Cisco is the coolest nerd you will ever get to see on any show. He is a remarkable scientist as he has a solution and a gadget for every problem that the Team Flash faces. Along with that, his alter ego, Vibe has really awesome abilities as not only can he vibe and see the future, he can travel anywhere he wants by just opening a portal. Carlos Valdes kills it with this character.

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2. Harrison Wells (All Earths)

At this point, we are pretty sure that Tom Cavanagh has a split personality disorder, because if he does not, then he is a remarkable actor because he has led everyone to believe what’s mentioned above. Cavanagh was great as each version of Harrison Wells he has played. One was Flash’s arch enemy, one is an amazing scientist and one kept the show going in season 3!

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1. Barry Allen aka The Flash    

Well this was no surprise as the biggest role of making this show successful was played by Grant Gustin as Barry and The Flash. Grant is the reason why people throughout the world know how cool and insanely overpowered the Flash is. He without a doubt is the best character on the show.

Flash Characters

Also, Iris is not included in this list since she and Barry are the same and this is what Iris said to Barry – We are the Flash!

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