10 Black Panther Rumors That Were Totally False

Black Panther was a true masterpiece in many ways. The movie had a lot on its plate and showed many things that we have never seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But some plot points that were expected to be pursued in the movie did not, and many fans were disappointed. There were so many theories floating around the movie that most of them had to be false. Here is a list of rumors that turned out to be totally false.

Bucky has a major role

Since Bucky was put into treatment at Wakanda, people expected that he was going to show up at some point to help T’Challa fight Killmonger. But actor Sebastian Stan already revealed that he will not be shown in Black Panther. Well, he did show up, but in the right way, in the post-credits scene setting up Infinity War, and nothing more.

Most of the movie is not set in Wakanda

The movie takes place in these locations – Oakland-US, London-UK, Busan-South Korea, Nigeria, and Wakanda. While all these places only had a few scenes to offer, the entire movie actually takes place in Wakanda. Wakanda is fully explored in the movie and we are very well educated about it now. We know more about Wakanda than about Asgard. The rumors on the other hand suggested that T’Challa would chase down Killmonger in other countries which was not true.

Soul Stone makes an appearance

The movie does not reveal the 6th Infinity Stone, which is the soul gem, and this was one of the highly anticipated story points for Black Panther, but instead, the purpose of the Infinity Stone that was expected to show up in the movie was replaced entirely by Vibranium. Wakanda hides in the shadows in order to protect its immense reserves of Viranium to fall into the wrong hands. And instead of this, People actually thought that Wakanda was hiding the infinite power of the soul gem.

Nick Fury makes a cameo

While the movie does have a cameo of Stan Lee, and the cast largely presents people colour, it was expected that Nick Fury will be making an appearance as well. But, actor Sam L Jackson had already confirmed that he was not invited for the movie, and even though fans took the actor to be lying, it turned out to be very true.

Ulysses Klaue is the main Villain

The way the trailers were presented, it seemed as if Klaue is the main villain of the movie with Killmonger being his protégé and having a connection with Wakanda. But sadly, Klaue was killed off very early, and killing him was one of the most important plot points for the story.

Nakia is a villain as well

In the comics, Nakia is T’Challa’s ally, but she later turns into his enemy. In the movie, we saw things that hinted towards her being one of the villains as well, but as it turned out, her true loyalty lied with the King and the nation, an she was a love interest for T’Challa.

Shuri Gets Her Own Black Panther Suit

While Shuri was the weapons and tech designer for T’Challa, and she came up with all the great advanced inventions in Wakanda, people expected that she will make a Black Panther suit for herself as well, and be Panther’s sidekick. While she did turn out to be quite the sidekick, this rumor was still not true as she only built two gauntlets for herself.

T’Challa and Killmonger are half brothers

It was known that Killmonger will challenge T’Challa for the throne, but the means of it was unknown. Many people thought that Killmonger may be T’Chaka’s son outside of Wakanda, and that way, he will be a true heir to the throne. But it turns out that Killmonger was the son of T’Chaka’s younger brother N’Jobu and he challenged the throne through his right for the ritual ceremony being the Royal Blood. That means Killmonger was T’challa’s cousin.

M’Baku becomes Man-ape

M’Baku was a potential villain for Black Panther as in the comics, he is Man-Ape and always in disagreement of T’Challa. Well, the core elements from the comics turned out to be true, but M’Baku and his tribe turned out to be allies to the throne, and he does not even turn into Man-Ape.

Team Cap hides in Wakanda

black panther rumors

As we saw Cap in Wakanda at the end of Civil War, many people thought that Cap may have taken refuge over there along with his entire team. But, the Infinity War prelude comic revealed that after T’Challa helped Bucky and Cap in Civil War, Cap leaves Bucky in Wakanda after putting him into cryo-sleep, and he then goes to free Falcon and the rest of his fellow teammates from the raft. Clint retires yet again, goes back to his family, Wanda reunites with Vision and the two start living together, Scott Lang goes back to his daughter, and Cap and Falcon reunite with Black Widow, form a strike team and work against smaller International threats.

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