Black Lightning Star Hints At The Origin of Jefferson’s Superpowers

One of the core cast members of Black Lightning, Christine Adams, has recently hinted at the possible origins of Jefferson Pierce’s superpowers. In the comics and in the TV Show, Jefferson Pierce is a hero class apart from the rest with his electrical manipulation powers allowing him to perform abilities with a variety of effects. But the TV Show had eluded a lot of Arrowverse fans with the way Jefferson Pierce got his abilities in the first place. He was a superhero that got retired after almost getting killed in the past. But how did he become a superhero? How was Jefferson Pierce transformed into Black Lightning?!?!

We think we have an answer now.

Christine Adams, who plays Jefferson Pierce’s Ex-Wife on the how says Black Lightning’s powers have a longstanding connection with the deadly drug called Green Light. Jefferson, as she claims, got his electricity from the drug itself. But he is far from being the only superhuman in Freeland. His daughter Anissa Pierce has also started developing superpowers. In the comics, she has density manipulation powers as the superhero Thunder. Jefferson’s other daughter, Jennifer will soon follow suit. She is called Lightning in DC Comics. An Easter egg within the show confirmed that The Pierces are living within the DC Universe with a lot of meta-humans than one could care to imagine. Maybe it’s time for someone else ‘super’ to show up.

But it is not the super villains we are talking about. Christine Adams plays the character of Lynn Stewart. In the comics, Lynn Stewart is the sister of John Stewart, the Green Lantern of Earth. Fans of the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series will remember this guy as one of the founding members of the team. While expecting a ring bearing John Stewart entering the Lightning-verse would be too much to ask, fans would expect at least a watered down non-superhero version of him to show up in Freeland sometime later. The show is based within the DC Universe after all. I see no harm if they capitalize on it.

Christine’s interview with Collider finally gave us some interesting clues as to Jefferson’s dark past and how he became the Black Jesus of Freeland. One might get taken a little aback by the gripping realism she claims the show is going to attach itself with:

“Yes, so Green Light is obviously this drug that’s kinda part of the community in Freeland and has been for a long time, and in some ways related to how Jeff got his superpowers. And we don’t know how directly yet, but we’re starting to get a sense, and Lynn gets a sample of this Green Light and starts to break it down and the molecular compound of it, and starts to see similarities in what’s in it and what’s happening with Jeff. So she’s the one who starts to unlock this initial mystery, and you’ll see that Green Light goes way back, and is way more complex and intricate and devastating in a way that’s so interesting. When I read it in the script I was like oh my God, this is brilliant. And it’s still rooted in a reality, even though it’s this thing that superheroes have or maybe have ingested or imbibed in some way, it still feels like something that you’ve seen in the newspaper or that you’ve read about in the way that it comes into the community and that it dominates the community.”

The revelations do make it a lot to process. But the fact that Jefferson’s powers are connected to the mysterious super drug Green Light that has been around the neighborhood since Jefferson’s teenage years is something that cannot be ignored. Is that how Jefferson got his powers? Lynn and Jefferson’s conversations make it sound like the answer is a resounding yes. Jefferson’s powers are meta-human in nature. The only meta-humans we know were born of the particle accelerator explosion in Central City. But if Black Lightning is not canon to the Arrowverse then would this mean that Black Lightning was caught within his universe’ version of a PA explosion??\

Black Lightning

The drug Green Light is clearly an Easter egg for Green Lantern. The sister of John Stewart is also a main character in the show. Does this mean Green Lantern will come to Black lightning? What was Jefferson’s tryst with the GL Corps? What past demons does Black Lightning’s past hold? Will Green Lantern help the mysteries unravel??

Black Lightning will return on February 13 with “Aches and Pains”.

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