Star Wars: Could Rey Be More Powerful Than Luke Skywalker?

Rey has grown from being a nobody to the very epicenter of the Rebellion against the First Order. Ever since her debut in The Force Wakens, Rey has been the constant topic of discussion and heated debates among the Star Wars fan community. Rey has blossomed into a powerful warrior and her abilities with the Force keep on increasing at an alarming rate. All of this concludes to one simple truth: Rey is more powerful than Luke Skywalker.

The Force Awakens introduced Rey as a scavenger that traded downed ships and semi-precious spare parts for a day’s meal. She was not as important to the Star Wars saga nor did she have a special aura about her like Luke Skywalker did. But she still was the central protagonist.

When BB-8 came to her planet and met her, Rey’s epic adventure spanning throughput the galaxy began. Rey was no more a scavenger, she meant something. For the first time in her life, Rey had a grand purpose to fulfill.

In The Last Jedi, Rey meets Luke Skywalker in the hopes of him training her and making Luke return back to the Rebel Alliance and defeat the First Order. On the planet Ahch-To, Rey is trained by Luke but not to augment her Lightsaber abilities (she does that on her own). Rey is trained to hone her already impressive raw capabilities with Force Manipulation.

When Rey and Kylo use their Force powers to try and pull Luke’s Lightsaber towards themselves, it results in a stalemate. The Force tug of War between Rey (a rookie) and Kylo (a seasoned user of the Force) ends up in a tie.

The Last Jedi also introduces the fans to one more startling discovery. Luke claims he has only seen that much raw power in one more individual that is Kylo Ren, after sensing Rey’s connection with the Force. That is coming from a guy who has been in the company of Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Darth Vader himself.


Whether Luke was just overestimating Rey’s abilities or his instincts were dead on are still up for debate. But when the legendary Luke Skywalker could give out such a statement, one is forced to listen.

Rey is not only a powerful warrior but also a brilliant pilot. She outmaneuvered several veteran First Order pilots on the planet Jaaku while escaping with Finn and BB-8. She has had no experience with piloting space-faring vessels but she did more than okay.

The only other guy who has done something like this is Luke Skywalker. Luke used to shoot for womp rats using his T-16 Sky-hopper, a skill that was helpful in destroying the Death Star.

In Empire Strikes Back, Luke uses his Force abilities to sense a proton torpedo and fires at it that leads to a large explosion that destroys the Death Star. Such a feat is impossible even with Radar and other necessary mechanical equipment.

Although we do not know how the Force can help make its user a better pilot, Luke has proved that it can happen. Rey also has no formal training in piloting spacecrafts. Maybe it’s the Force guiding her and making her do all those impossible stunts. That just means no matter what happens or whatever craft Rey pilots, she will always be good at it thanks to her connection with the Force.

In the Original Trilogy, Luke was still a newbie when it came to being a Jedi. Darth Vader was one of the Galaxy’s most fearsome Force users. Yet Luke still managed to defeat Vader. One explanation for this theory is that the more attuned to the Force one is, the more powerful a warrior he/she becomes.

By that Logic, Rey has had even lesser training with Luke than Luke had with Yoda. Her connection to the force was strong enough to help her hold her own against a fight with a Veteran Sith like Kylo Ren.


rey vs luke

Is Rey more powerful than Luke? The above paragraphs answer the question themselves. Fans are already furious to know that a good guy like Luke could turn his back on the Jedi Order after one setback. The Star Wars fan base is divided on the notion that a newly introduced character could be more powerful than one of the greatest heroes of the Galaxy.

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