This Crazy, Insane theory Will Make Little Finger a Major Player for the Iron Throne

Petyr Baelish or popularly known as the Little finger is one of a fascinating character on any T.V show ever. He is a master conspirator and a brilliant strategist. He served on the small council of King Robert Baratheon as “Master of the coin”, moved on to become Lord of Harrenhal with his gift for political improvisation, and now he is Lord Protector of the Vale. He once said to Sansa Stark “Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next. Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you”.

Little finger

He has an uncanny ability to play everyone at once and gets exactly what he wants. He is playing with the Crown, Sansa Stark, Robin Arryn, Ramsay Bolton in the North, only to rise further and become “Warden of the North”. He is always the winner, no matter who is fighting whom. He has sky-high ambitions and drives which make him nothing short of a major contender for the Iron Throne. The only two failures that can be attributed to him is his inability to save Catelyn Stark from the “Red Wedding” and his lack of calculation on Ramsay Bolton’s ability to crush Stannis’s forces thereby jeopardizing Sansa’s life at the Winterfell.

Little finger

I fondly remember what Lord Varys once said about Little finger that he will be the most dangerous man in the realm if he has an army. Well, he is now in a commanding position to influence the outcomes of the impending wars, particularly in the North. He has Knights of the Vale stationed at Moat Cailin, a strategic location in the North which controls the flow of armies, some say the numbers are in excess of 45,000 (while Boltons have 5,000 plus). It’s quite possible that he bails out Sansa in the hour of need when they go against the Boltons with Wildlings, few Northern Houses and possibly Blackfish Tully forces. The theory is that Smalljon Umber is actually planted by Little finger to infiltrate Boltons’ forces from within. The House Umber has been one of the fiercest Stark supporters, it’s hard to believe that Smalljon is willing to shun fealty towards Starks only to protect itself from Wildlings.

Little finger

In fact, Petyr Baelish must have found that Rickon Stark is with Umbers in the North and is now using him as a pawn to win the confidence of Ramsay Bolton (he needs a Stark as Sansa escaped). Moreover, there is another insane fan theory that says “Pink letter” was in fact written by him to pit them against one another (Chaos is a ladder for him…remember). When he met Robin Arryn and presented him a falcon, he said to him “Come and see”, by the way, the pink letter also ends with “Come and see”. Is this Co-incidence? Maybe? But what if it’s true?


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