10 Harry Potter Characters That Were Ruined In the Movies

When books are adapted into movies we often get disappointed with many things as there have been only a few series and movies that justified the books well. The Harry Potter series is definitely one of the very few book series that were turned into amazing movies as well and even after 8 movies we were left craving more. Although the movies portrayed many characters brilliantly yet there were some characters who were spoiled in the movies.

10. Peeves

The poltergeist makes appearances since the first book to the last and remains an important part of the Hogwarts castle. He is annoying, only fears some of the teachers and causes a menace on daily basis. Still, the character adds a fun element to the books but in the movies, he was not even mentioned.

9. Fleur Delacour

She might have been a secondary character but in the books she provided a good comic relief even though she didn’t get much screen time in the movies. Fleur’s character is interesting as at first she just appears as a superficial pretty girl but later she shows real depth and her true love for Bill Weasley.

8. Lee Jordan

If you haven’t read the books then you might not know this character. Lee Jordan was one of the best comic characters of the series and the best buddy of the Weasley twins. In the first movie he can be seen during the Quidditch match doing the commentary but in the books, he was simply brilliant while doing that and dropped so much shade on Slytherin while doing it.

7. Dean Thomas

Dean Thomas was played well by Alfred Enoch but his character wasn’t given much to do in the movies. In the last book, Dean goes missing and there was a lot of intense stuff going on with him. We missed that in the movies and his friendship with Seamus was also not given any screen time. The only time he is given some footage is when he dates Ginny.

6. Barty Crouch Jr

You probably don’t even remember him as he did not have much screen time in the fourth movie. The character was played by the talented David Tenant but his backstory and depth were left out of the movie. The Crouch family had a dark history and the movie should have tried to explain it.

5. Regulus Black

Another great character that was left out of the movies is Sirius’s brother Regulus Black and his tragic story. Regulus sacrificed himself to defeat Voldemort and his family and friends never even came to know about it. Only his initials R.A.B appear in the movies and his whole story remains unknown to most fans.

4. Dudley Dursley

Dudley’s character may not have been the deepest character but he had much more to offer than he did in the movies. In the first movie he is portrayed very well but later he was just off. The worst part is that the movies did not show the redeeming moment of Dudley at the end and his character arc remained incomplete.

3. Kreacher

Kreacher was only shown as a grumpy old house elf who was cold and hated Harry and his friends. In the book, Kreacher’s loyalties are shown brilliantly and even though he hated Harry, he later joined the battle of Hogwarts and fought against Voldemort’s army. He loved Regulus and kept his secret for years.

2. Nymphadora Tonks

Tonks is one of the most loved female characters in the books but she is barely even there in the movies. Her character is much more complex than they show in the movies and her sacrifice is much too important. Her introduction in the movies looked promising but then she was simply lost and the director simply didn’t understand her character.

1. Ginny Weasley

harry potter

She may have ended up with Harry Potter but Ginny’s character in the movies is so dull and boring that we couldn’t even ship her with Harry. Her character is very interesting in the books and she is a talented young girl. She is good at doing difficult spells and is an athlete. The movies totally spoiled her character while writing it and Bonnie Wright’s portrayal didn’t help either.

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