10 Insane Easter Eggs Everyone Missed In DC Movies

While it has gotten its fair share of backlash, DCEU is still a dream come true for a lot of nerds like me. DC Movies in general, have been gracing the theaters much before Marvel movies became mainstream. Each movie is riddled with Easter eggs and with so many movies under the DC belt, there is bound to be a lot of Easter eggs.

David Bowie and Prince are aliens in Justice League

During the starting scene of Justice League, something really beautiful unfolds. One of the papers has a headline with the pictures of Superman, Prince and David Bowie. Bowie and Prince died the same year and in honor of their memory, the movie put them on the same pedestal as Superman. They were superheroes in their own right.

The Dark Knight had a Marvel/DC Crossover

What is better than a DC movie or a Marvel movie?? A DC/Marvel crossover movie of course!! Christopher Nolan gave us just that in The Dark Knight. The above photo shows the Joker holding a mask and waiting for a ride on Gotham’s streets. But if you look closely to his left, you will see the promotional poster for Spiderman 3.

Star Wars Easter egg in Dawn of Justice

After Lex Luthor is incarcerated for his heinous crimes, the serial patch on his prison uniform reads TK-421. If you guys still can’t figure it out, 16-TK-421 is the serial number of the clone trooper Luke Skywalker impersonated in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Bruce Wayne’s Parents don’t die in Watchmen

Watchmen will forever be Zack Snyder’s most prized possession. The movie has a lot of Easter eggs but one reasonably stands out. In the opening credits, Nite Owl is seen punching a mugger as a couple looks with awe and horror. The woman is wearing a pearl necklace and the theater they were coming out of was playing ‘Die Fledermaus’ which means ‘The Bat’ in German. In this universe, Bruce is not orphaned and he never becomes the Batman.

Aquaman in Superman Returns and Batman Begins

In Superman Returns, Clark Kent’s son is seen sleeping wearing a pretty interestingly designed pajamas. Several Aquaman designs adore the suit. In Batman Begins, while Bruce is talking to a young Joffrey, a similar pajama is seen in the background.

Crazy amounts of Easter eggs in Man of Steel Final Fight

As Zod and Clark duke it out over Metropolis, many more Easter eggs come to light. One building in the skyline shows the logo WGBS – a media company owned by Darkseid. Another one shows ‘Blaze Comics’ – a publication with ties to Booster Gold. Other Easter eggs include Star Labs from The CW’s The Flash and Casino Utopia whose owner Tony Gallo was the guy that introduced kryptonite to the comic books.

Catwoman appears in Justice League

This might be a fairly famous Easter egg by now. During the end of the movie, Wonder Woman catches a group of thieves trying to rob a museum. One among them is an Audrey Hepburn styled woman wearing a Red dress with an eerie similarity to Selina Kyle, DC Comics’ Catwoman. The woman also returns a cat statue to the cops. Coincidence? I think not.

Batman Villains in BvS

DC Movies

When Batman is waiting for the White Portuguese to unload, his Batmobile is parked in a warehouse called Nicholson Trading Co. Jack Nicholson portrayed the Joker in Batman (1989). As Batman waits for Superman for their battle, Riddler’s question mark and Joker’s ‘J’ with a smiley face can be seen among the graffiti on the walls.

Justice League Easter Egg in Wonder Woman

As Diana is moving towards a Museum in Louvre, France, a Wayne Enterprises van is seen pulling up nearby. The van itself is an Easter egg but zoom in on the license plate and you will find another one. The license plate reads Jl-828-VZM. That is a clear reference to the then-upcoming Justice League movie.

Batman references in Man of Steel

Believe it or not, Bruce Wayne was very much alive and kicking even as early as Man of Steel. In one of the scenes, as Superman is seen flying by, a particular billboard catches the eye. It says – Keep Calm and Call Batman. Another Easter egg will be when Superman collides with a Wayne Enterprises satellite in space. Looks like Batman found another way to screw with Superman.

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